Thursday, February 01, 2018

30 Days of Healthy Living...

If you have been following for a while or personally know me, then you know I really do not have a lot of weight to lose. In fact, my hubs jokes I look like a string bean if I get too thin! And I COMPLETELY agree. I have always had some muscle and prefer to stay that way.

When I did BBG last year, I really feel that their workouts do not incorporate enough muscle building exercises for me. That is just my personal feeling. But, I did start Alexia Clark with my friends this year and have been loooooving it!! And again, another doable program from home. Promise Ill update more on all of that. Just been a little cray cray around these parts.

Once the New Year hit, I knew I needed a reset (as we all do, think hundreds of cookies and grub during the holidays). So today, I am sharing my journey over the last month with all of you!!

Ok. Here goes. The last 30 days...
parlor girl 30 days of healthy living

(100% un-edited, raw photo, even a dust particle in the left photo ugg)

After going through pregnancy and breast feeding, my entire mindset of what went and goes into my body shifted. Putting as many clean, nutritious foods and supplements as possible into my body has really become super important to me over the last 4+ years.

So after turning 40 New Years Eve, I knew I desperately needed a reset and so I started the 30 days to healthy living program. You guys! This is not a diet or a fad. It was seriously a lifestyle change and was super doable and simple to live.

All I did was sub in 2 shakes a day and ate hormonally balanced meals for my other eating times. I eliminated soda, rosé (waaaa), sugar, dairy and soy. Of course, the first 10 days are usually the hardest as you're detoxing all the junk out of your system.

But let me tell you what exactly went down!

Immediately, my energy during the day was incredible. I woke up less groggy with an alertness I haven't felt for awhile. There are these awesome fizz drinks you can take a couple times of day and because they are green tea based, you don't crash off of them like you would coffee. They seriously keep you awake, alert and yet you can still gently fall asleep with no problem. I was like oh, let's clean house, oh let's go on a walk, oh let me meal prep!

Having a little one, your ear is trained to wake at the sound of a leaf dropping outside. Nope. Slept like a log. I would wake up and feel like OMG where am I? What day is it? Most of the time from a twin bed with her and two dogs in it. Thank goodness I slept like a log cuz that bed is not anything compared to my king tempurpedic.

The vegan shakes are one of my favorite parts. Chocolate is to die for and I literally just mixed mine with water since I am OG and it was SO thick and yummy. This is the first protein powder I have ever taken in my 20+ years of protein consumption that did not, I repeat DID NOT upset my tummy!
Guess what? That's because vegan protein powder is easier to digest than whey?! Umm where you been all 20 years of my protein taking life??!! And there is absolutely NO dairy, soy, artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, colors, dyes, trans fats, saturated fats or GMOs, no refined sugar, animal by-products or cholesterol! Boom!! Love that all this crud is left out!! Plus, I have a secret little dessert you can make from the protein that is to die for and nips those dang nighttime cravings as well.

You can also add in a little fiber scoop (we all need more fiber in our diets😉) and a digestion stick to help give you much-ly needed pre and probiotics. I love that little stick as my tummy was a mess for years and now it literally is as calm as a summer day. Can you guys tell what I'm wishing for? Bring on the sun!! You guys, gut health is SO important these days. I am SO grateful mine is straightened out. Finally.

I also added in a scoop of the greens every morning to my first shake. I do confess that I am a good veggie eater, but when I work its hard to eat the right ones that won't bloat or gas you and knowing that I can get them and more in a condensed powder form without any gas (if you're my hair client you're thanking me right now aren't you!) was so key. Plus, I now sneak it into our pasta sauce and whatever else I can for the other two living in our house. Shhhh.

Each week you would also take one or two of the 7 day cleanse. Ok, I don't know about you but we have done cleanses in the past and literally could not leave the house. Well, I am happy to share that  I did this one at work, out of town for the weekend and on days off while running all over town. Praise the sky, it was super gentle, never felt like I was scared and had to run for the pot. I did go to the bathroom a little more (just #1) than usual but that was because I was drinking a gallon of water flushing all that junk out of my system. Duhhh! Lol

However, the absolute sweetest part about all of this is, every night I love to have a detox tea and Danica literally loves to help make it. I of course start the tea kettle and she goes to the drawer, grabs the tea bag, unwraps it and dangles it by the string. Ok she dropped it a couple times but 10seconds rule right... Then she waits for me to lower the mug so she can put it in♡ This makes my heart happy on so many levels. One night I was home late from an amazing retreat and washed my face, got jams on and laid down next to her and hubs watching Ice Age. She pops up and says "mommmm we need to make your tea!" OMG love her!! Plus, I love that this lifestyle is showing her and teaching her how to have healthy habits as well.

Overall... My goal was not to lose weight as mentioned above. My plan was to feel healthy, get rid of toxins in my body, sleep better, and have my body function at its fullest potential. I have to honestly report that I accomplished all of it and am so grateful for following through, having the courage to share this GROSS🙈 before photo with you all (can you say white AF) but literally you guys my weight went from 156.4-154. That is only a 2.4 pound difference. But look at my body composition!! What I feel on the inside is by-far more gains then what I lost. And I have been lifting heavier again, which means more muscle and muscle weighs more than fat.

Now, on another side note I will share a few clients results with you all. One did this and lost 17 pounds in a month, another did this and a lost 16 pounds in a month, I have a client that just dropped off 13 pounds and a dear friend that has waved good bye to 11 pounds. You guys, whatever your goals are this program is so doable and amazing. Please feel free to email me or reach out if you have any questions at all. I would be more than happy to answer them.

You may ask where I will go from here?? I still plan on sticking to my same regime and living 80/20. That way we can go out on the weekend with friends and occasionally have a glass of bubbly or whatev I am in the mood for. But clean eating during the week and knowing how amazing I feel from this is definitely a game changer and keeper in this girls game of life!!!

Have a very Happy and Healthy Day!


P.S. I am SO having sushi and rosé tonight!!!!!


  1. You look great, congratulations!! Not enough people know how important gut health really is!

  2. you look amazing! can you tell us what the name of the products you used?
    fizzy drink? shake recipe?