Monday, August 21, 2017

Five Things To Love About This Week

1. Eclipse Phenomena- I Am so excited for this amazing event today!!

total solar eclipse la times

>What does this mean? A total solar eclipse is when the New Moon comes between the Sun and Earth blocking the sun, momentarily causing darkness.

>Can you see it? Yes, with special viewing glasses on or making a pinhole on cardboard shining down on a white plate or piece or cardboard. DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE ECLIPSE!!!

>Will it literally black out our sky during the day? Yes, but typically for just a couple minutes of time.

>What does this mean spiritually?? Well, I thought you'd never ask. This is an incredibly powerful time for us. Mostly because it signifies new beginnings. Best part is, the effects of this amazing phenomenon can last up to a year after it takes place.

2. Life after 3 rounds of BBG- holy moly did I really just complete 36 weeks/3rounds of BBG?! Say whaaaat. I plan to do a full review on it later this week.

3. The Sinner-

best new series the sinner jessica biel

O.M.G. Obsessed!! Jessica Biel is absolutely amazing in her role and the story will have you on the edge of your seat craving the next episode like crazy. Cheers to a new series!

4. Last Minute Vacations / Labor Day Weekend Plans- Can you believe that Labor Day weekend is right around the corner? Do you all have any last minute vacations/end of summer plans you're wrapping up? I am beyond excited to countdown until that weekend as I am heading out of town somewhere fun to kick off my birthday celebrations. I mean why not start 4 months out? I think this birthday deserves some ample time to get into the swing of celebrations...

5. Water- I wanted to share and remind you all to drink your water. I have been feeling a little more sluggish lately and I realized that it was because it had been a little less hot here and I have not been drinking my normal amount of water.

Most days, I try to drink 1/2-1 gallon a day. I love that water also helps to keep you feeling full, it is so amazing for your skin and really helps to removes toxins (especially if you're using the fascia blaster ladies!!).

Here are some other awesome water tips I found for you all:

>2 glasses of water upon waking up helps to activate internal organs

>1glass of water 30 minutes before a meal helps digestion

>1 glass of water before taking your shower/bath helps lower blood pressure

>1 glass of water before bed helps avoid stroke or heart attack

And as they say: don't medicate, hydrate!

photos via: 1, 3

Happy Monday ♡

Thanks for reading... xx PeeGe

Friday, August 18, 2017

Weekend Sales Roundup + Back to School Deals

Happy Friday friends! 

There are a ton of back to school sales this weekend and other great sales as well. I rounded up the majority below for you so be sure to cruise thru and snag some of these amazing deals♡

weekend steals and deals back to school parlor girl
These overalls are included as a BOGO 50% off and there are a ton of other great jeans to choose with your BOGO deal as well. 

Happy Shopping ↓↓↓

asos // up to 70% off clearance

urban outfitters // BOGO 50% all BDG jeans (my exact overalls from this post)

pottery barn // this weekend only, 20% off one regular priced item (incl furniture) w/ code SAVE20

wayfair // up to 70% off select items

express // 50% off all women's jeans

west elm // up to 50% off outdoor furniture & up to 40% off furniture. rugs & more

old navy // up to 50% off all jeans and tops,

GAP // 40% off purchase w/ code: TOOGOOD + free ship on orders of $50+

Nordstrom // multiple items up to 50% off

Revolve // up to 50% off

JC Penney // extra 30% off $100+ or extra 25% off under $100 (online only ends 8/20) w/code: SAVE67

Target // jeans for women & men $15 & up, kids $6 & up, women's shoes BOGO 50% off and up to 25% off home

J.Crew // 30% off select dresses, shoes and jewelry w/code: SHOPNOW

Macy's // extra 20% off w/ code: SUPER or $10 off $25+ w/ code: SUP25 (8/18-8/20)

Thanks for reading... xx PeeGe

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Back to School: 4 Pieces for Instant Mama Style

It sure is another wonderful time of year! Mamas, we can all relate. As fun as Summer is, we welcome Fall with open arms and open car doors for the kids. And back to school style is for more than just the kiddos in my book. But I am sure you already guessed that. Really any excuse to shop and Im all over that. HA!

For me, I still have to walk my daughter into her preschool and the running joke is I am either homeless or hot. No, I am not full of myself thinking I am hot and all that, but you're either a mess or put together and I like homeless & hot for descriptions sake.

Typically, most mornings I can be found in workout or athleisure (where I look like I am headed to workout but just lazy AF and pretending) or I am on my way to my day job in which case I am reppin' goth attire in all black or I'm on my way to a photo shoot with my sweet friend Gina and look all put together. But hey lets face it, its probably the homeless looks more than anything ;) I'm sure the day will come when it is literally drive-thru drop off and I'll be dressed from the waist up and in jams and uggs on the bottom but until then...

Whether you're doing drive drop-off, walk-in or watching the am news waiting for the kids to walk off, here are my 4 simple dressing tips to have you looking put together in an instant for back to school fashion.

parlor girl back to school style

parlor girl tunic tie front pullover

parlor girl 4 pieces for instant mama style
^^yes, I am pegging my pants again...shhhh

parlor girl vintage levi jeans

parlor girl embellished shoes styles

back to school style for mamas parlor girl

pink tunic ripped jeans louis vuitton parlor girl
photos by: GMC Photography
Love how she caught me cracking up!! Fun times Gina ;)

4 pieces for instant mama style for back to school parlor girl

1. Simple Top: this pullover/tunic is actually a side tie top, but I untied it and left it long, changing up the entire look of the top. Don't ya just love a double purpose item?!

2. Jeans: Any pair of jeans will do. Mine are vintage Levi's but I love these and these ones. Again as I mentioned in this post, the key to your outfit looking good and simply put together is balance. If you have a larger, roomy top, think skinny jeans on bottom and vice versa. I promise it balances out your look every time.

3. Flats/Slides/Mules: These type of shoes are super in for Fall and easy to slip on and walk around in. Plus, with all the embellishments these days they look extra cute and amp up any simple jeans and top outfit. I am so loving these Embellished Mules and happy to report that almost all sizes are re-stocked. I also have and love these and this pair too!

4. Large Sunglasses: Whether you want to hide the no-makeup or just look like you're famous, throwing on a huge pair of sunglasses is key and winning! I especially love this pair I got for $12. I also love these aviators and these new shields I am on a waitlist to re-buy, ugh.

And if you're feeling extra ambitious, throw on a fun necklace (p.s. mine is on sale for $40!)

Thanks for reading... xx PeeGe