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FIVE things to love this week: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 Info + 3 Sale Shopping Tips

nordstrom anniversary sale 2017 parlor girl
It's the most wonderful time of the year - in shopping land and fall fashion that is ♡
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale early access starts this Thursday 7/13

Here are my 5 reasons to be happy, feel good and enjoy this lovely week ahead!

1. Cold Brew Coffee // pull up a cold brew ladies and lets talk Nordstrom Anniversary stat!

I have been obsessed with the Coconut Cold Brew at Starbucks since it launched. We were shopping at Trader Joe's the other day and I saw that they have a Coconut Cold brew now too! My DIY brain kicked into high gear and grabbed that baby in hopes of saving $4+ bucks a day. Cuz you know this girl would rather have a shopping fund than anything else haha!!

trader joes coconut cold brew coffee drink at home parlor girl

This cold brew drink is SO easy to make at home. I use a measuring cup that has ounces on the side. I pour 4 oz of cold brew, over ice a little water and a 1/4 Cup of Coconut milk + 1 stevia and I swear it is perfection for the afternoon pick me up. If I am really dragging ass, I double the recipe.

2. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale // friends!! Nordstrom Anniversary early access begins in 3 days! I hope you all were able to snag a card (the card is the key for early access 7/13-7/20) as this sale is going to be a good one. Don't worry, if you do not have a Nordstrom card, the sale will open to the public on 7/21 and run thru 8/6. Quite a few pieces do sell out and most often are restocked but I have experienced some straight selling out in the past. SO, if you see something you love, BUY IT!!

3. Shopping Tip #1 // early bird gets the worm/clothes... hopefully you all got the card whether it's the debit or credit?! Be sure to shop early as in the first few days. Items will sell out quickly that are popular because they are such great deals. I know its hard to shop for fall especially when we are having 100 degree weather, I get it! But I promise you in a couple more months when it starts to cool down you will be so thankful.

4. Shopping Tip #2 // the best laid plans... take a peek at the catalog here. Make a plan and figure out what you really need this year. Personally, I have a ton of over the knee boots and will pass on those this year. But I need sweaters, tops and jeans lol... Know your closet, know what you need and make a plan whether it is mental or physically written down (that's me cuz I CRS!). That way navigating the sale will be much easier and not so overwhelming.

5. Shopping Tip # 3 // ONLINE shopping is second in life to coffee! Am I right🙌 There is absolutely no need to go into the store. I am so busy these days that it can seem daunting to go downtown, park and go into a busy store, when I can shop right here, with my cold brew ⇈ and my kid crawling all over me.

Nordstrom has FREE shipping both ways. And if you need to return something, just slap the return label on it and leave out for your mailman and they taketh it away. No need to even leave the home busy mamas!! Makes me wanna sing hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog... Too much Mickey Mouse Clubhouse round these parts... Maybe I should get out lol

**Bonus: Check back here on Thursday & all through the sale, as I will have amazing guides for you of my favorite picks and best of the sale. Annnd on Thurs there will be a 

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