Friday, January 13, 2017

feature friday: love by lynn

Hi friends, today I am trying out something new. One Friday a month, I will be featuring a favorite blogger/inspirational person of mine to share with you all. These are people that have helped to encourage or inspire me in some way and my hope is to pass on the inspirational love to you all as well.
parlor girl feature friday love by lynn
When I first came across Sara, I had been following her friend and they had been doing some joint picture posts and of course I quickly clicked over onto her blog and immediately felt as if I could relate to her more. I scoured all through her blog and instagram (hella stalker status) and was most intrigued by all of her fitness posts.

With my competition/fitness background, I always love and appreciate another beautiful and strong female that has the drive and determination to live a healthy and fit lifestyle, while exuding major fashion sense. Umm obsessed!! I love to see what she puts together on the reg with both fitness looks and host mama status attire. And did I mention that she has the most adorable little boy named Oaks?!
parlor girl love by lynn feature friday
I really admire that since having her little boy, she is completely fit post pregnancy and also struggled with mental health issues after birth. In this post, she was more than transparent about postpartum depression and I just applaud her on the strength it took to share that. Also, knowing that you are not alone in that department, that so many are afraid to speak of, just gives you a sense of peace. She found that doing intervals on the treadmill naturally helped to ward off the PP feelings and increase her natural feel good transmitters. You can read more about all of it here. With all of that being said, I wrote to her and shared how she helped save my mental heath life and she has just been the sweetest ever since in replying and answering back. And OMG so gorgeous!!

In November, I bought her 30 day ab challenge, which I confess, I loved!! Oh goodness I was more than sore and loved the results. She also just launched a 7-day meal plan e-book and I am sure that is just as amazing as she has shown us some snippets on snapchat. I will be ordering that too. I always love to get new ideas and of course when someone has a bod like hers, you know she is doing something right!!

Lastly, I found out that her birthday is one day before mine-gotta love my fellow Capricorn sisters!

You guys can check out her blog here--> Love by Lynn and also follow her inspiring instagram here

Happy Friday and wishing you all an amazing weekend! Anyone heading up to Tahoe for some snow?? Eek there is so much...
Thanks for reading... xxB