Friday, December 23, 2016

winter neutrals + 3 tips for a stress free holiday

winter neutrals outfit inspo tan and white

topshop military trench coat
gold mirrored aviator sunglasses
white ripped jeans winter style
cute winter outfit

Neutrals are the new black, am I right?! I love the simple and classic look of all these winter neutrals paired together. Perfect for last minute errand running. 

I get it, believe you me, the holidays are CrAzy around these parts. Mostly because I am a hairstylist by day and this is our absolute busy season but now that I am a mama, it's a tad busier as well. Plus, type-A, perfectionist, like my house to look like a model home, no clutter... etc... Lol 

Sooo, today I have 3 quick tips to help you have a stress free Christmas holiday!

1. focus on what is most important // this is HUGE. My mom constantly reminds me that dust and dishes will always be there, take the time to be with Danica (family) because it flies by. Being present is top of list. This means letting the perfectionism and go be social and engage with the family. Enjoy your time together and let the dishes stay a little longer. Do not follow people around with the broom and dust buster (show my age haha!). Your time with your loved ones is what is most important and the rest will always be there!!

2. fitness first // keeping up with my workout helps my mood and keeps me balanced. This helps to tackle the hosting a little more relaxed, I do mine early before the company wakes up and then it is also out of the way for the day. You can check out this post I wrote on keeping up with your holiday fitness. 

3. delegate // this not only takes a load off of your plate, but I find there are a lot of family members that need a task. I love to delegate and hand out chores when they're visiting. It is impossible to do it all and family  (especially women) love to help. Let go of the super-woman role of doing it all and be a #bossbabe and hand out duties and kick back with champs and order people around lol JK!!

Most importantly, have fun, relax and enjoy every single moment. Our time is precious and every little bit of it counts. 

Happy Holidays friends!!

Thanks for reading... xxB

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