Thursday, June 16, 2016

the best life. mom life.

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tank- shop 1108 boutique c/o | jeans- old (similar) | shoes- Adidas Superstar, also here & here | bag- Chloe | sunglasses- B.P. ($12!) | necklace- Chloe & Isabel | watch- Michele | bracelets- David Yurman

If I knew how amazing motherhood was going to be, I would have started many moons ago. This experience has changed my life in so many ways and this tank top from 1108 boutique is absolutely perfect and speaks the truth. 

Mom life, is the best life for sure. It is also the most challenging, time consuming, selfless, unconditional love, give you lessons in patience daily, test your relationship with your mate, make you really value who you want to spend your free time with and yet the most rewarding job in the whole wide world. Danica really keeps us on our toes these days and has taught me so much about myself and I am forever grateful she chose me to be her mama. My heart grows fuller and fuller each day and sometimes I wonder how I can possibly love someone so much and even more as the minutes tick on. I  literally love her to pieces. My mom always told me, you wait until you have your own and now I can say, I get it! 

Have a wonderful day!! 

photos // GMC Photography