Tuesday, April 05, 2016


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Welcome to April. I know I say it often, but time sure is flying by! I absolutely love the month of April. Our anniversary is this month, rain usually wraps up for us here in CA, we get to get outside a lot more and with the time change, I love that it stays light a bit longer getting more out of our day.

Today, I have some fun things for you guys.
4 trend pieces I am loving right now:

4 beauty items that are a must for Spring:

4 things happening in my life:
1// we are slowly starting the renovations in our home (excited and nervous that it will launch my OCD into hyperdrive) I have been living on pinterest and I am really loving the mix of white and grey kitchen cabinets!! If you guys have any recommendations for grey paint colors I would love to hear them.

2// spring cleaning is upon us. Glitter Guide has an amazing checklist to help you tackle your space, room by room. Perfect for my OCD lol.

3// my baby is officially 18 months old. She walks and runs all over the place, loves to make messes right after I have cleaned up, babbles up a storm, says mama, gaga(dada), coco, teetee(haley), bebe, nana and points to the sky every time she hears an airplane. She is fiercely independent, wants to do things her way and is a total mamas girl. I recently reminded myself to take it all in again. It is so easy to speed through life. I was looking back at pictures over the last year and time really does fly by. She was super sick all weekend (thanks preschool!) and we literally cuddled every single moment. One day we never got out of j's or even left the house. It was amazing!! I will do an 18 month post as soon as I finish editing her pics. 

4// we are going to Texas in May! We will be in Dallas, Austin and San Antonio! I would love recommendations for things to do/see and places to eat. Hubs only request is BBQ. 

4 things coming to the blog:
1// a cinco de mayo party and decor
2// lovely collaboration pieces from my new favorite instagram shop @shop9fifteen
3// DIY pom poms for sandals and straw totes
4// swimwear pieces for mamas
(sneak peek)

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!! xxB
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