Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations

Bathroom Vanity Makeover
DIY Bathroom Vanity
I am in total loooove with our bathrooms now! A few weeks ago, I began pinning some bathroom DIY's after we decided to stay in our house. I knew from the first minute we originally moved in 2 years ago that the nasty cream colored (painted) vanities hads to go! It was just a matter of time to figure out which route I was going to take to Dr them up. Of course, pinterest is amazing as we all know and has a plethora of ideas. So, being 8 months prego and in full nest mode, I decided that the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation Kit was my best bet. Plus, I had seen a friend on Facebook a few weeks back use it in her kitchen and loved how it was turning out. 
DIY Bathroom Vanity Before
See how yellow and creamy this sets off the entire color palette in the room?! Yuck! You're going to laugh, our ENTIRE house was originally this creamy color when we first moved in... Ew!!
This bathroom is on its 3rd wall color too. Not sure if you can tell from the pics but it is a really loooong bathroom. I had it a gray last time and went away for the weekend and hubs painted it white. Insert furious face. However, there is a subtle gray undertone to the white that has grown on me now and I actually like it. Also, after having everything colored for a while, it is sort of clean and refreshing to have white walls again. 
Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations Bathroom Vanity
DIY Bathroom Vanity Rustoleum

Now for the nitty gritty! My experience with the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation kit was stellar. A few things to take into consideration though. You need patience. The first bathroom I removed all the hardware and doors and set up a paint station in the garage. The second bathroom I left everything together. Shhh. The reason is because the nimrod that painted these suckers a nice, disgusting, creamy white painted all the hardware too and it was practically stuck on and I could not get the screws out. Since we are not keeping these beauties forever, I figured who would know if I painted right over them anyways. Well, maybe my dad will?! 

You begin by wiping everything down with mild soap and water. Then you use this deglosser they give you and scrub. Everything has a certain amount of drying time in between (I just kept watching the video which was super easy to follow). Then came 2 coats of base color, ( I used Tudor which has a lovely purple undertone & richness to it). Now this is where I freaked out. After my first coat, I had a ton of brush strokes and a stroke myself thinking oh f*&K, hubs is going to shoot me I just ruined 2 bathrooms! But then after my second coat, they all disappeared, probably because I was going from light to dark. Then waiting. And more waiting. There is a glaze step that I completely skipped. I just wanted dark and no wood grain showing so I completely skipped the glaze (which is an optional step). Finally, finally you get to the final step of top coat. Now, this sucked. I had read reviews about some being bubbly, some fine and mine was a total bubble making mess and looked like it went on streaky. SO I went over it really heavy handed then immediately over it with a dry brush to help alleviate some of the bubbles and white build up. And that seemed to work for me. 

So there you have it! My honest truth. Yes, I would do this again and probably will. Oh, I bought the large kit and barely made a dent in it for 2 bathroom vanities! So, as soon as I pop this kid out, I now have another project in mind. It was a little tiresome being on the floor and wearing a mask all weekend at 8 months prego, so this satisfies the nester in me for now. Well maybe I need to frame my mirrors next with molding ;] ?? Lol...

What do you think? Would you tackle this? 
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  1. It looks great! Love the colors and feel of it.

    Kay // Fashionably Kay

  2. I used the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation kit on our kitchen cabinets and they turned out amazing! I was surprised at how easy it was to do. It was a bit time consuming but for the little amount of money we spent, the kitchen look completely different. Okay, okay, we kind of cheated and did granite counter tops and backsplash too, but hey it counts!

    XO, Jaime

  3. What a difference! Looks like a new bathroom! it is amazing how little touches like that can change and update a room!

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