Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How To: Easy 1 Inch Curls

Hey Lovelies...
Here is my latest little creation. I have been getting asked recently by so many of you exactly how I curl my hair so here goes. I apologize for my voice as it is a little raspy from running in the cold air in SF this last weekend but I hope this curl tutorial will help you. I have three different styles of how I curl my hair so I will put together the other two curling techniques and also a braided guide as well in the next week or so. This is the tightest of all three techniques and relaxes even more by day 2 so definitely wearable for a couple days. I prefer styles that last and even by day three I am sprinkling baby powder in and tossing up on top of my head in a top-knot.

What do you use to curl your hair? 
Curling iron, flat iron or wand?

Thanks so much for watching! Wishing you a wonderful day!!

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  1. Love this video Barbie!!! You should definitely do more of these videos, you are so cute!! I am definitely going to do a video as well!! :)
    Have a fabulous day girlfriend!!

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  2. We just stumbled on your blog, but quickly noticed (without this post) that we LOVE the way your curl your hair! Thank you for detailing how it's done! :)

    Also, we're your newest followers on GFC! We'd love it if you popped over to BKCsquared to give us a look!


  3. Loved watching this!! You are so darn pretty! xoxo


  4. I need all the help I can get when it comes to hair, so I'm so excited you're doing a hair tutorial series! I typically use my flat iron to curl my hair for day-to-day, but I really want to get a wand since I find curling irons tricky!


  5. I love your curls... they look great! I always go back to my curling iron even though I do have a CHI I use occasionally... the basic curling iron seems to work the best.

    xo, Abby @ Always, Abby

  6. Very nice tutorial.I'm your new follower on G and bloglovin.Please visit my blog and many you could follow me back.

  7. I like how the hair looks, my hair holds curls poorly. I use different size curling irons and also flat iron, but only if I use rollers I have a slight chance to get them staying... Very jealous of your pretty curls :)
    Have a fab day and thanks for following! Means a world!

    Kat /