Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Blog, My Fashion, My LOVES

I hope you are enjoying your lovely weekend.
I cannot express enough gratitude for all of you that have been following/reading and supporting my blog. It truly means the world to me. 

This journey has been so much fun for me to share with all of you. For the first time in my life I feel as if I am on the right path, eyes wide open, body-mind-soul connected, headed forward fearlessly. It feels incredible. 

As Parlor Girl is approaching her {2nd} birthday in February, I am amazed at how the time sure flies by these days. When I first started, my intentions were to share everything about hair. I figured that is what I do daily why not share all my little tips and tricks? Right? Wrong. After awhile, I got bored and felt like I wanted to leave work at work and dreamed of my blog being more than what my day job was. Something I would be in love with and passionate about. Don't get me wrong I love my day job but we all need a hobby and or outlet to our other sides. So to break up the hair talk, occasionally I would put together a list of favorite seasonal clothes or what to pack/take on vacation and was amazed to see the views and results go way up. Occasionally I would even talk about outfits/clothing and get emailed multiple requests for outfit ideas on the blog and or fashion advice. 
Light bulb.
Still it was not in full swing. Occasionally I would post pictures of my house so my best friends whom live far away could see our home, blog about my trials and tribulations with training for the half-marathon and yet I still received emails for clothing advice.
Where did you get that? What would you wear with this?
Bright light bulb shining a spotlight in my face!
Is that what it takes?
I had a sweet client come in during the holidays. Her and I always talk about the jobs I have done throughout life, what she wants to do after school and so on. Then she looked at me and said, "Barbie, why are you not doing fashion or style stuff?"
We all know I have a retail relationship. Code for shopping enthusiast (I am not even going to say shop-a-holic...shhh) I have an EXTREME love for clothing, style and all things fashion. 
Heck, I even went to school for fashion design when I was 19. Hello! LoL
Now I have a place to share all of that with you and channel my thoughts and fashion energy right here.

I hope that there are days when I can help inspire you whether its changing something up within your own wardrobe, home or life or to simply put a smile on your face as I am a complete dork and totally human. I hope to encourage you to be the best woman you can be with adding a tiny little bit of sparkle or style to your already beautiful, authentic self! All I ask is for you to walk away with a feeling of positive inspiration and in return I hope you turn around and can pass that on to someone else. 

One of my favorite quotes:
"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." ~Oscar Wilde
I encourage you to be yourself, the best version you can be. I know each and everyone of you is amazing and can do ANYTHING you put your mind, heart and soul into!
Thank you so much for reading!!!

On a side note:
Half Marathon Training...
Running is going absolutely fab! I have been feeling healthy, strong, endurance is up and I am ready to kick up my heels with a 10-miler today! Wish me luck!!
I have been asked a few times about my socks. My knee socks that is! I get the funniest looks at the gym when I wear them with shorts and tromp around. People must think that I have crazy style but whatever I should pass out a card for The Parlor Girl to show them I am not just about knee socks and running gear. LoL
Here is where I get them: Pro Compression
I will be completely honest that at first it was about a fashion statement and not the socks. Then after I bought my first pair and wore them for a bit I was hooked. {But, I encourage you to wait, they have deals all the time. I have not paid full price yet!} Their comfort is amazing. Again, you know I stand ALL day and my feet tire, my legs tire and so on. During the winter when I wear boots I wear the medical compression socks {yep they are ugly} because I have these nasty veins near my ankles from years of doing hair. That was reason enough for me to need the running socks in every color for every run. All kidding aside, they really feel good and supportive on your feet, ankles and calves helping to keep circulation pushing back up. 

Happy Saturday......



  1. your blog is so much fun to read!! i love the pictures

    new follower :)

    1. Thank you for reading and following Jenna :) Happy Weekend!!!

  2. Cute blog! I love your style & can totally relate to trying to find a voice while blogging, I just started a few months ago and am still trying to find my niche :)

    just started following!

    1. Thank you for your sweet compliments! The only advice I can give is stay true to who you are and what you love! And write!! It will all fall into place as it is suppose to.

      Happy Monday!