Thursday, December 06, 2012

Weekly Update & Sharing some 21 Love{CLOSED}

Well well tis the season, I am officially launched into 
holiday hair mania and loving every minute of it!
I will be completely honest and tell you all that I have been a little depressed these last few days over my knee and that I have been down in the dumps with my thoughts and head space. 
Here is a little catchup for the week...
{Headband for cold ears and knee leg exercises pre-run}

After taking a week off from running, I had walked, used the elliptical and R.I.C.E method each and every day, I set out with an enormous amount of energy Monday morning (freezing weather and all) eager to beat the pavement. 
Well, I barely got to three miles and was limping, my knee felt like I had left it at home and immediately my head was filled with a plethora of negativity that I had ruined my running career. So I cut it short and headed home defeated. 
I seriously could care less about the running career. I run now because I LOVE to run and WANT to run. I have never been in that space before. I always ate good to stay lean and ran when I needed to pull the bikini bod out of the bag those last few weeks before an event or vacay. 
Now I purely run because I love it! And I can!
I decided to get ready for the day and dress in my new favorite color to help put a happy face back on. Sometimes the simple things can help to put some pep back in your step. 
Sweater: Forever 21 similar, Gray Collared Shirt: Forever 21 old, Skinny Jeans H&M, Gray Boots old, Jewelry old
{Why am I holding on to the dresser? LOL This is my absolute favorite color right now! It looks a little darker in the photo but its that Tiffany blue, mint-ish color. I just love the lips on the sweater as I am always dorking around with lips in my pics like I am cool or something.}
{My hair is finally all my own! Wow it has gotten long. Today I curled all of it with a 1" Hot Tools curling iron and then brushed it out, finishing it off with a medium hold hairspray like Kenra 13. Sometimes if the front pieces are a little fuzzy after brushing it the I twirl those around my fingers to reset and calm then down. 
{See the lips Ha!}
{Hard to see the tree but funny as you can see me too.}

{I had the pleasure of walking around downtown Walnut Creek for an hour and fell in love with the Lucky store wind Christmas decorations.}

I decided not to work out as I had to head out early for work that day. After icing, I got ready for work, slapped on some kinesio tape and set out for the day. Today was the day it occurred to me I had a problem. I was walking a client to the shampoo bowl and realized I had a pimp limp! Insert laugh. Yes, I was walking tilted. I remember that feeling during a treadmill run but thought I was over compensating for my knee. Then I remembered it during my street run Monday. 
And lightbulb-maybe my hip was out?! 
I could not get her hair washed fast enough to get back to the phone and call my chiro. Boom they could get me in first thing the next morning. 
{See I wasn't kidding about the lips! But totally excited to get to the chiro oh and my new mint scarf from where else but Forever!}
{Came home happy to my loves doing their Christmas lists!}
Awoke fired up, needed to get a sweat on so off to the gym and met my friend for a sweat sesh. 
Miss elliptical...
{No knee pressure or pain just pure sweat}
I drove so fast to the chiro that I am thankful now I didn't get a ticket and even got there 30 minutes early... Whoops
  Yes my friends my hip was out of alignment and uber-tight muscles! 
Tight glutes a super tight hip-flexor something called a QL and IT band tightness-cocktail equaling a silly walking limper. 
Gosh for a second I thought I might need a special high heeled shoe on one side to help me balance out. Thank goodness I was straightened out, sent home with some stretches and guess what? 
My knee feels AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

Have you ever had such an ordeal trying to figure out an injury? Do you go to the Chiropractor? 

I am so thankful that I would like to share a little love! 
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  1. The exact same knee issue happened to me in the middle of the Bay to Breakers. Thank God for chiropractors. Don't know where I would be without mine...well I do know... in a chair, in some serious pain. : ) Glad your knee is all fixed up. I was reading your post, thinking..."she needs to go to the chiro" LOL

  2. Oh no that must have been horrible! Yes chiros are my saving grace and their deep tissue workers!! Glad yours is better as well :) I would like to do Bay to Breakers this year-sounds like so much fun. Happy Holidays!!!

  3. Congratulations Nicole!!! You won the Forever 21 Gift Card :) Message me your mailing address info to my email address, located in my contact section!!! Thanks for commenting XOXO