Saturday, December 01, 2012

Happy December

Happy December! This is my favorite time of the year. 
OK well besides summer but you already knew that right? And since I cannot have my birthday in Summer (insert kicking and screaming now-I just want a birthday pool party) then I am forced to love December. 
Ok ok all kidding aside, I really do LOVE December. Not only is my birthday the very last day of the month and year, my Dad has his birthday close too, New Years is always a blast because when that's your birthday, who in the world doesn't want to do something?! 
But really I love Christmas. I love zipping around in the car listening and whistling to our local radio station that is Christmas music 24/7, walking through the front door and inhaling the closest smell to being home in the country-the tree, the lovely little lights all around the house that provide subtle ambiance HERE, the chillier/cuddly/make you wanna snuggle with your leopard snuggie and 3 chihuahuas all day weather while sipping hot apple cider and the warm family gatherings.

I had the pleasure of being home yesterday. Even though it was a Friday, which is rare, I simply took advantage of it and had a wonderful, productive day! It has been storming here crazy/bad and we actually had a little break in the afternoon which allowed the kids to stretch their legs on a little 2 miler jaunt, get some fresh air and water/fertilize the neighbors lawns.

{{Look at those storm clouds-Wowzers}

{Made homemade potpourri-sliced oranges and cloves simmering- Thx Momma}
{Love these glittery poinsettias}
{I have been avoiding talking about my knee... OK it hurts! There I said it typed it out loud! Well actually it is on the mend. After a couple 5 milers it started feeling really tight. So Monday is an off day for running and when I attempted to resume Tuesday on the TM I almost fell off as it hurt so bad. I was in tears on the TM right then and there in my hot pink capris HERE. 
I didn't even want to walk. 
If I couldn't run-then I was done! Whoops-black and white! Wheres the gray?!
SO I went inside and sulked, went to work and sulked and had the crappiest mood, sour puss attitude ALL day. 
I did the RICE method, came home and iced, then rolled and did every knee stretch and quads stretch and pretzel move I could come up with. Wrapped that sucker in compression and went to bed...
Wednesday I bolted out of bed like Christmas morning hoping I dreamt all of that and immediately felt the ting of pain-EFF! It was still there! I didn't dream it. 
Enter sour puss attitude, never going to run again, might need a permanent lark attitude here... 
I went to work and talked with a fellow co-worker and avid runner and she said why not just a light walk on the TM? Oh duh? Right? I still need a decent sweat and no pressure/impact on the knee. And I had no drive to go to the gym since my professional running career was over and I couldn't provide autographs anymore. I really didn't want to disappoint my fans there. 
So I came home on a 2 hour break and strapped on my Asics and WALKED! 
WOW-Felt great! No knee pain and mental clarity BACK!
Thanks work friend!
Then I iced got re-dressed and headed back to work!
It has been six days now of no running and just light treadmill walking for 3 days. My knee seems better as I have been more consistent with the RICE than my daily gratitude recitings and I am going to try a light run tomorrow ;] fingers crossed.}

{My brother introduced me to this concoction of goodies. Protein powder, Greek yogurt (accidentally grabbed Vanilla yuck I usually get plain-you can guess what that tasted like in guacamole the other night) almond milk as I am out of coconut, kale, apple, banana, frozen blueberries and Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar (our label fell off) and blend sometimes I even add spinach}
{Snuggle time}
 Wishing you all a wonderful Saturday and weekend!

Do you listen to Christmas music this time of year? Do you whistle or sing along in the car? 


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