Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Before the days of flat irons, keratin smoothing treatments and blowouts, we were left to manage and live with our natural states of hair. 
Some of us relying on sleeping in pin curls, rollers or rag curls for smoothing but still resulting in muchly loved volume for the styling of your hair the next day. 
Oh and sporting the lovely little fringe as well!

Lately I have been channeling Brigitte Bardot. I absolutely love her style of hair! It was free and spirited, complete with different headbands and accessories resulting in looks that are effortlessly pulled together. As one of the most popular sex-symbols in the 60's she is still totally gorgeous to me today. 
I love the pictures of her in a headband. I have a head that most bands slip off the back so sometimes I have a hard time keeping them on. I did recently find a couple things that I like. 

I have been teetering on the fence of fringe lately. My hair has been in the same style for awhile and it might just be time for a change?! 

Here are a few of me in a headband and sporting a natural state of hair...
{Forever 21 Headband}

{Flower my sweet friend from work gave me}

{Pumpkin is such a good color on my face trooper}

{My because I'm a runner headband}
Pre-wrap is the best headband stuff around. However not cool enough to wear to work. It is a velvety foam that is harmless to the hair and yet stays in place all in the same. Super Cheap and they have every color and print!

{A-la-natural! Eek no blow dryer}

Personally I love to cruise through Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, H&M and JC Penney's for hair accessories. ANd they're all super cheap!

Where do you find cool hair accessories? Do you forgo blowdrying? Who is your style icon? 


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