Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Has Landed

Hello Friends...
After having the last 6 days off I am so excited to get back to work today. 
But first, I am going to share a little holiday cheer that took place in Casa Real over the last two days! 

Well actually it was ALL yesterday except the tree, Chels and I did that the night before. 
This year I knew MONTHS ago that the theme would be more rustic and natural with burlap, plaid and Tiffany colored frosty bulbs. After a nightmare flocked tree last year, I also knew a green Noble in her naked form would be the household choice this year. Bringing in outdoor elements always reminds me of where I grew up. And if I cannot be "there" for Christmas then I will bring "there" into our home. 

Side note: our house looks beautiful from being painted by my amazing father and I just 
LOVE LOVE LOVE having a black door! 

{How cute, you can see our kitchen chalkboard through the window that says Casa Real! Don't mind our door bell hole lol-we need to fill it with a new one. Did you know they no longer need to be wired? Wireless door bells?! WTHeck... Oh and my little mat is broken on the corner. Off to buy a new one ;] and I am getting a tree at Home Depot today for the front table next to the door!}

{I panicked for a moment and thought I would have to scale a tree to retrieve some branches when I scalped all the trees within my reach the last few weeks due to their "leaf dropping" but then I remembered it was trash day and ran out to the green bin and saved some branches for decor-Phew!}

{The pets always love hanging out and playing}
{This year we used leftover burlap garland I had from the wedding, then Chels and I placed a medley of blue/greens with all plaid bows. My original thought was just all the Tiffany blue bulbs but then it needed more pop/depth so we added the others.}

{The color in this pic is poor I am still trying to figure out my dang camera. The stockings I made last year which are burlap and muslin lined. You can see Haley needs one but my niece found the sparkly white one at the Dollar store for her the other day. The ones I made last year sort of look Charlie brown as I had not sewn in years but now that my momma bought me a Viking for a wedding gift I am sure I could sew some even meaner stockings-in all my free time...}

{The dogs bumped me for these two but I sort of liked their artsy-ness}

{An old coals bucket filled with lights inside and leftover bulbs rested on top. Some still have "snow" from last years project. Spray adhesive on bulb then sprinkle or roll in Epsom salt}

{Mantle- the large Ball jars are from our wedding centerpieces filled with colorful small bulbs and I just love the blue ball jars to add contrast}

{I am a total sucker for the cinnamon pinecones! I even save them from year to year in ziplocks and they still SMELL good! These were from last year and had glitter edges-*SWOON*}

{New star from TJ Maxx-love the wood element. Walked through the door and Pumpkin says "that's seasonal right?" Is seasonal in a mans vocab?!?!}

{Epsom salt in the bottom of a small Mason looks like snow and I place a candle on top so it twinkles}

{Can I have their life?}

{I saw these LARGE candy canes the other day at the dollar store and flew back in there praying they were still there-yes they were and they were only $.69 you can see a few had to keep the wrappers on because as I was taking them off they kept falling apart and I wanted them tall.}

{Again lights in the bottom of our drink tub just help to give ambiance}
{Ignore my vacuum cord and junk at the end of the counter ;]}

{This hutch is from Craigslist for like $60. I painted it white (which there are a thousand whites but I think it was Ben Moore White Dove which is a warm creamy white and the back ground a light gray called Horizon by Ben Moore too just to give my things pop. P.S. These are the only knickknack type things I have in my house!}

{The branches are LED and light up in the metal can and I always add extra from outside to beef it up}

{Man corner- his only decoration that is allowed in the lineup}

Well there you have it! I apologize a few of the pics are grainy/blurry but oh well! 
You get the idea!!
Have you got your tree yet? Do you decorate for the holidays? Heck have you bought any presents yet? 
I need to start that next!

Happy Wednesday :]

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