Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sole Sisters and Moisture your Mane

Gym- circuit train entire body
Elliptical 15 mins (the TVs were right above my head and I was getting a neck ache and felt like I was blocking the people behind me like a giraffe lol)
Dog walk- 2 mi

I made my mind up in a crazy state here thinking oh what a pipe dream... 
But then to my amaze, my girls were eager to jump aboard and tickled my fancy! We have begun the training weeks to run a half marathon. And the ring leader that I am, I have named our fun group of amazing girls (women sounds so old to me) Sole Sisters. They are each like a sister and dear to my Soul and since we are all running together why not call them Soles?! 
With our half marathon training en route, I am a total research junkie knowledge sponge and vow to share what I come across.
Welcome to my outlet... 

Today I feel like talking about hair! 
Wow what a concept! That is where all of this started... 
Fall time brings fuzzy hair for me. I am not sure if it happens for you too but the mix of humidity and end of Summer dryness wreak havoc on my hair. 
{You can see how fly-away and dry my hair looks it just will not behave} 

It is time for some moisture and conditioning....
{Its a 10 always a favorite hair mask $23}

{Alterna Rescue repairs overnight then wash out in the morning $38 Ive had mine over a year and has 1/3 left}

{Natural Remedy Coconut Oil always a favorite $11}

{Argan *swoon* best leave in EVER $25-58}

Go put some moisture on your locks so they don't end up flying high like mine!!!

What is your favorite dry hair remedy?


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