Saturday, October 13, 2012

5 - Shopping Free

Today I was trying to come up with a challenge/dare that would be a little tougher on me. Then as I peered into my black abyss of a closet I stood there dumbfounded as I do daily and thought 
I have nothing to wear. Wrong. 
I have an entire closet of black hairdresser uniform type clothing to wear, how could I have nothing?
I was sure I could dig up something. 
Then almost as conditioned as taking my usual boring route to work, my mind chirped up and said
 lets go to the mall and get a new top or pants? Hmm, I considered. 
Then my light bulb went off. 
How about the rest of the challenge shopping-free?! Now that's a good one! That means unless it is a living necessity (and no work uniform does not qualify) I will be delaying purchases.  The 31 days ends for me Nov 7th. 
Wish me luck!
Are you a shopper? Could you go without if you needed? 


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