Monday, October 22, 2012

13 - Daring Days Done.

When my series 31 Days-Daring Days began,  
at first I bet you thought I was going to be jumping out of planes, bungee jumping, competing in figure competitions, hailing off large rollers snowboarding, jumping radical wakes on a wakeboard,  white water rafting, riding horses, hiking half dome, rafting the grand canyon and going to George Strait in concert! 
Well... The latter three have not been accomplished YET but will be soon enough! 
The rest, well I did those in my twenties!

Now at 34 almost 35, my priorities have shifted from the daredevil type activities to more inward growing and training. I have learned over these last couple of weeks that the most important things for my black and white-wound tight nature is to remember moderation, being more relaxed and go with the flow while stepping out of your normal routine from time to time. 
There you have it! 13 days of posting and I figured it out!!

I am bringing this series to an end. It has been fun to step out of the box, but also challenging to come up with something new everyday as I am getting busier with my 1/2 marathon goal, family and work. If I come across another Daring adventure somewhere in the days to come, I will for sure tag it! 
But for now, I am happy I figured another thing out about myself. 
I think sometimes we think it takes longer to see the lessons RIGHT in FRONT of our FACES! 
But this one slapped me! And the best part is: I woke up!! LOL
As always, 
THANK YOU for your support!! 
(Our fun weekend with ALL my favorite people!)


Have you ever set a goal and accomplished it early?
What was your most challenging goal you ever set?


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