Thursday, July 12, 2012

DIY Chevron/Chain Necklace

I am always thinking of new ways to use old jewelry or how to create other new pieces with things I have or can find for cheap. Cruising around online, I stumble upon inspiring pictures here and there that help to keep my creative juices flowing and changing my current stuff up for relatively cheap. 

I had the joy of coming home with a basket of goodies today! 
After a short trip to Michael's (who's kidding, I wander those isles every time seeing and scouting new items for the first time ever) and a short trip through our local hardware store, I came back with a few additions to the goodie box for some good old homemade Summer jewelry :) 

Fun Stuff!

Today I will show you how I made a Chevron/Chain Necklace

1-Cut your rope or Macrame cord into 60" pieces
I cut 3 of each color (6 total)

2-Fold all 3 strands of 1 color in half and make a loop with a knot

3-Fold other color in half and loop through knot

4-Wrap the second color around the knot

5-Continue crossing each color over (fishtail braid style)

6-At the end, tie a knot and cut tails or you can burn ends with a lighter to seal

7-The knot end will slip into the loop as a fastener

8-Lay chain out to measure and snip off excess with wire cutters

9-Take needle and embroidery thread, loop through chain and knot several times

10-Thread through the braid and come out and back into each chain hole

11-Continuing along the entire chain and tie in a knot at the end

New necklace for under $4

This was so much fun and didn't take long at all. The best part is you can make it ANY color combo you'd like and even use old chain from another necklace that you might already have!!

Happy DIY

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