Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Back with a Bang!

Bangs, fringe and swooping short layers are popping up all over again lately. They can accommodate every face shape and forehead size when tailored accordingly. If you have been bored with your regular haircut or interim trims, try adding a new fringe. Bangs can immediately change your entire style without sacrificing any length or creating too many layers.

Remember a couple tips for getting bangs to behave correctly:

1- Start drying and styling your bangs 1st before the rest of your hair

2- Make sure to use either a flat/paddle brush or medium round brush so you do not end up with the lower wall-bang region- see below
(Do NOT style like this!)

3- Product is your friend! Hairspray is a great companion to help keep bangs in place once they are where you want them

(images courtesy of InStyle & google)
Happy Bangs!

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