Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Baby Powder Strikes Again!

This wonderful product can be used to assist with a number of different tasks.

Eliminate greasy hair- sprinkle lightly into your roots and brush through to absorb extra oils in second-day styles

Thicken lashes- use a brush or fingers to apply a bit to your lashes before your mascara

Remove sand at the beach- dust it onto your body and easily swipe away sand

Soothe skin- use it to calm your skin post wax or where your legs or any other body part might rub and become irritated

Freshen up- a great additive to apply to your feet or underarms to absorb odor and moisture, also sprinkle into your stinky gym shoes to help absorb sweat odor

As I have said before, baby products are not just for babies :) AND they are AFFORDABLE!!!

P.S. Love, Love, Love this weather!!!
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