Monday, April 11, 2011

Maybelline Falsies Mascara

Today’s post is a review on Maybelline’s Falsies Volume Express Mascara!!!

I picked this bad boy up last weekend while we were out of town and quickly added it to my repertoire of mascaras. I had seen it in a couple different magazines and thought anything claiming “false lashes” has my attention. However, for a company to state that it is compared to “false lashes”-now that’s a hefty claim. Which of course with this hefty claim, enticing me to want to buy it even more.  

The stopper on the bottle helps to eliminate too much product coming out on the wand and the curved shape of the wand really helps get a lot of your individual lashes. I like the formula for extending your lashes up. It really spreads them out nicely and extends. I got the "Blackest Black" which is the darkest black color and it is a nice, true, dark black. I cannot stand black mascaras that are a softer, off-black. The product by itself is fine for a subtle mascara look with wider-opened looking eyes and NO clumpy-ness, like you’d get from a bunch of other mascaras. By itself, I would only wear it to the gym. Otherwise, I LOVE this and it has been added to my mascara cocktail! Mixing it with my other mascaras, alternating products, it really helps add to the length of my lashes with definition.

Does this product REALLY look like what it claims? I personally have to say: NO. But then again, I was suckered into buying it… Thanks marketing :) $5 later, not a large loss but if you want that dramatic, false lash look, glue those lashes on ladies! That’s the only way. I am glad I do have this mascara, as I said before it is a nice addition to compliment my others. 

Happy Lashes!
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