Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Big Sexy Hair

Sexy hair should have natural volume, texture and movement. The reason they use wind machines at photo shoots is because tousled, blown, bouncy hair is more intriguing and inviting then plain, straight, locks. Follow these simple Parlor Tricks to help you achieve Big, Sexy Hair!

1-    Add Volume – Spray in a light volumizer like Catwalk Volume Root Boost Spray, all over your roots and comb through before drying.

2-    Add Layers – Have your stylist cut in more layers even if you have fine hair. They will know exactly how to customize it for your personal needs. Layers create texture, movement and add bounce.

3-    Condition Your Ends – Having healthy, silky, shiny, hydrated hair is a must. See my post on maintaining hydration 

4-    Mess is Best – I envy those women that look like they just rolled out of bed, but in a stylish way. To help get that, after you blow-dry, flip hair upside down, running your fingers through and shaking your hair. Then flip back over, apply a little Kenra 13 or medium hairspray to crown while scrunching crown. Finally, finger comb ends to desired look.

5-    Be a Tease – Rat, back-comb, tease, build volume, whatever you call it, Bigger is Better! Some of us have flat hair, pin shaped heads or just want BIG hair. Take back-comb brush or a rat-tail comb, establish your part and from there lift a section up and comb down towards the root on the underneath side of the hair. Laying the hair back down then lightly smooth over the top and you will be left with added, sexy lift.

6-    Glistening Goddess – Finishing touches are like icing on the cake. It’s a 10 makes an awesome weightless, shine spray. Spray a couple shots on your styled hair about 10-12 inches back for that perfect glow of radiance.

7-    Untuck – Letting your hair fall in your face is viewed as flirty. Tucking it behind your ears is juvenile and unstylish. Pulling it back at work is fine, but after 5, let it down to swing and be free.

 Wishing you all - Big Sexy Hair!
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