Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Baby Products for Adults

Yes that’s right! Baby products can be used by adults too. I have been using these products for years and keep them stocked in my house on a regular basis. Some of you may already have them in your bathroom. If not, then go out and buy them as they are a cheap solution to what I am going to share.

Baby Shampoo- 
*Great for taking off your eye makeup, it is so gentle that it will not burn your eyes
*Makeup brush cleaner (I still prefer MAC, but this is a great alternative for a deep cleaning)

Baby Lotion-
*Original scent baby lotion will not compete with your perfume

Baby Powder-
*Dry shampoo, sprinkle into your root area or your palm then roots and it will help to absorb your natural oils allowing you to go a second or third day on the same style (Best on lighter hair colors)

Baby Oil-
*Mix a tablespoon amount into your hand with your regular lotion for that extra glow and ultra-moisturized feel

Baby Wipes-
            *Remove makeup before cleansing

My personal experience has only ever been with Johnson & Johnson. If there are other brands you have or that are cheaper I would encourage you to try what feels most comfortable to you.

Enjoy :)

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