DIY: Tulle Skirt
DIY: Tulle Skirt

Hey all... 
Today instead of a "lust list" I have decided to share my little project with you that I did yesterday.
I have been swooning over tulle skirts lately and yet everywhere I turn they are either sold out in my size, too expensive or ebay has them from China which take foreverrrr to get here. If you all are like me {instant-gratification} and have the weeist bit of sewing skills then head out to Joann's for a simple skirt  you can make in an hour. I am slow and self taught so maybe that is why it took an hour! Before hand, I watched several YouTube videos and the nerd that I am put their techniques together to make my own skirt. Plus, I snapped photos for you as I barely have a voice to record a video. 

*Tulle {BTW it is super cheap mine was $1.49/yd and I had a 40% off coupon I paid seriously $2.75ish for my tulle! The amount you buy will vary depending on your waist size so I went with 3x my waist measurement or where I want the skirt to sit and rounded up to make it 3 yards. Now the tulle comes doubled up and I left mine like that sewing the open ends together so my bottom hem was neat. You can customize yours however you like. The length of that hit me perfectly where i wanted it. 
*Sewing Machine
*Wide Ribbon
Lay out the tulle and feed through machine keeping both open ends together. {I used a wide zig-zag stitch} Make sure to leave your end strings long as you will need them
Once the top is all sewn, pull one of the strings to start the gathering and continue pulling and moving the tulle all the way to opposite end. This will give it the bunching effect
Take wide ribbon and measure around your waist leaving an extra inch or two and put knots in it where it would come together as the area between the knots is where your skirt will fit

You will place the top edge of sewn tulle into the ribbon which is folded in half and pin. Basically creating a little pocket in the ribbon that is folded in half for the tulle edge to sit
Continue the entire way from one knot to the other
Use as many pins as needed. As you are sewing untie the knot to start so it is easy to get through your machine and the same once you get to the other end
This is how it should look after sewing
I kept my ends long to have a bow in the back ;]
Super girly!
WallllLa!!! Here she is!!! I am so happy I LOVE it!!! 
Now I know what you are thinking. Yes I will be wearing something underneath. If you are brave or have mad skills, you can also sew a liner but since I am wild jk I already have a nude slip that looks perfect underneath.

Here is a link to more Tutorials. Click HERE
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