Saturday, August 18, 2018

Quick Mom Breakfast for On-the-Go

quick vegan chocolate overnight oats breakfast
ingredients: vegan chocolate protein powder, fiber, GF oatmeal, almond extract, almond butter (must be trader joes because its runny and mixes perfectly, unsweetened vanilla almond milk 

best chocolate vegan protein powder
1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
2 scoops vegan protein
1/2 cup GF oats
1T almond butter
1/2 scoop of fiber
splash of almond extract
(optional add ons: berries, banana slices, greens powder)

gluten free overnight oats breakfast
layer them all in together 

breakfast in a jar vegan gluten free mom style
cover and shake like crazy in a mason jar

best vegan protein powder supplement
refrigerate overnight and enjoy in the morning
*if you see a little powder when first opening, just give it a quick stir and it will mix right in

Heeeeey! Been a minute huh?! I have totally missed you guys!!! But I must confess I have been busy AF. 
Well back by popular demand (haha jk) I will hopefully be popping in a bit more again to start sharing snippets of our life lately. 

If you know me then you know I typically would eat oatmeal and egg whites almost 360 days a year. Until, I discovered this vegan chocolate protein powder last September! Life is forever changed! Not only is it vegan, gluten free and has no artificial anything, it seriously tastes amazing in an OG form of being mixed with just water as well!! But I can promise you that you will love every bite of it out of this jar too. 

I try to make two of these at a time and pop them in the fridge so I can literally grab and go. You guys, you can eat them in the car driving too. It literally thickens up nicely and is super filling. 
I have a ton more combos too that I will share soon. 

Do you guys have any quick grab and go breakfasts you love??!!

Happy to be back :)

Thanks for reading... xx B

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