Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Life Update

Well long time no talk sweet friends!!

Happy FallπŸπŸ‚πŸƒ

How are you all? I hope well...

I am hopping on here real quick to give you a little update on life as of late. So much has happened over the last few months.

We now have a 3 year old. Yikes I guess you could say threenager lol. Where does the time go?

If you have been a longtime reader of PG then you know I have had times where I pull back and then get back into this. I have always struggled with what is my purpose? & what is my gift to share? I have now discovered why and could not be more thrilled.

You all know I absolutely love shopping! Like eat, breath and live it!!

I love fashion, everything that involves fashion, shopping, dressing in different clothes every single day and sharing that with all of you.


I have always struggled to keep up. My hubs and I bought our first home in 2012 right after our wedding and paid off debt and agreed to never have debt or use credit cards ever again. And to this day almost 6 years later we still do not have credit card debt. So internally I struggled with purchasing for the blog (think budget & you can only write off so much) and encouraging others to purchase, purchase and purchase. It never sat well with me. Hence always trying to mix high pieces and low pieces.

I had a "blog budget" and did really well sticking to it. Then I realized I started getting obsessed with instagram numbers and keeping up with other girls that were bigger, more successful and going faster. I mean I have a collection of nice things but my goodness are they paying cash for all of this??!! Who knows and who cares. All that mattered was what I was doing and could manage. And I work full time, have a 3 year old and was literally burning the candle at both ends.

All of a sudden I realized I was no longer living "my life" but trying to compare and live in theirs?! I cannot believe I am even writing this. But YUCK!!! Come on Barbie be you!!!!

So, I pulled back and took a couple weeks off. Needed to screw the head back on and stop to think what was most important in life. My husband, daughters and family and friends!! That's it. Money will always come and go. We have an amazing home, vehicles that get us around safely and food on our table. I am SO grateful. I was reminded of a quote: Comparison is the thief of joy! And boy oh boy is that true.

After soul-searching, attending Burning Man (which I will share here at some point) and realizing that life is all about growth and change. You HAVE to unplug, be insanely present or you're going to miss out on real life friends. We can all live behind our iPhones and screens but at the end of the day those do not bring us long term love & joy! Please do not get caught up in other peoples lives. Its the worst disservice you can do for yourself!!!!

Im happy to announce that I have found a new love. The ability to inspire other women from the inside out, help them create a better life of fulfillment, flexibility and financial freedom.

My soul has found a home and it feels priceless

You know, it's funny, I have always and forever told my best friend and sister I had never felt like I was doing what I was suppose to be doing. And I am sure I am not the only one. I walked along many paths of inspiration and passions/interests over the years be it (hair tips & tricks, DIY, home decor, figure competing, running, fashion, lifestyle, etc...) after all, the doing and trying those things have help to sculpt me into who I am these days. And now from the bottom of my heart I feel more fulfilled than I ever have by getting to help encourage other women to create a life they have always wanted.

Personally, I have never been happier in my life. Practically skipping around each and every day. I feel like I am floating and just want to hug every hour (yes I watch trolls everyday lol) and share my love with all!!! And it feels damn good to share this with all the amazing people I encounter on a daily basis.

When I started the Parlor Girl it was to share beauty parlor tips and tricks. Which went hand-in-hand as I have been a hairstylist for almost 20 years now. I realized the other day that the greatest gift of all has been getting to meet so many wonderful ladies day in and day out both in the salon and here on the blog. Everything in life takes time and will come to fruition once you open up, allowing the change to take place.

What does all of this mean?...

I will still post here from time to time. And seriously, thank you all for reaching out with concern to my absence and your sweet thoughts. It really means the world. But for now my heart and soul are called to focus elsewhere.

In a world of crazy times, I feel that I want to try to spread more love, kindness and smiles and I want to encourage all of you to do the same.

I want to encourage you all to do that thing that you have always wanted to do. Be what you want to be and most of all BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. You guys, we have one life so make it the BEST life you can.

Love always, Barbie♡

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