Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Old School Calvin Klein

Happy Tuesday... I hope you all had an amazing weekend! 

We went up to the mountains for a nice, long weekend camping and boating with some of our best friends and had an absolute blast! We all unplugged (forced to as we only had a tad of reception in spots out on the lake, which was amazing!!) got super dirty, no hair, no makeup, connected with nature, ate the best food, drank way toooo many Coors Lights with licorice straws, soaked up the sun, and rejuvenated our souls. #NatureNurture at its finest!!

Although, today I feel as if I were run over by a truck haha. I have not been wake boarding since before I was pregnant and let me tell you, it worked every muscle from head-to-toe. 

parlor girl calvin klein crop top

Is Calvin Klein old school to anyone else?! Ha! Loving this cropped sweatshirt!!

parlor girl oneill rust owen shorts

I remember being obsessed with Calvin Klein's CK One perfume?! Do you all remember that?? Maybe that is showing my age haha. When I saw this top, it instantly revved up the sniffer and I swear I could smell that old perfume along with the memories-INSTANTLY!

parlor girl summer style

parlor girl gucci belt

parlor girl calvin klein crop sweatshirt

parlor girl platform oxfords

parlor girl straight hair

rust owen oneill cutoff shorts parlor girl

parlor girl chloe cross body

parlor girl old school summer shorts

Do any of you camp? Boat? Wakeboard? Would you go 3 days without a shower or makeup?? lol just curious...

Wishing you all an amazing week ♡

Thanks for reading... xx PeeGe

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  1. Calvin Klein's CK One is really a heavenly perfume, I am also obsessed with this perfume. There is another perfume that I must include is Ck eternity. These two perfumes are always in my favorite top 10. Thanks for sharing this post.