Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Mascara and Coffee

These could quite possibly be two of my favorite things. Ever.

parlor girl mascara and coffee

parlor girl strip lashes
I love how lashes look from the side and top♡

how to wear false eyelashes
please don't mind my close-ups (thank goodness my hair was clean lol)

how to wear eyelashes and coffee
tee (sold out, linked some similar ones below)

I mean what girl doesn't love a good lash application and an amazing cup o' energy in the other hand?!

I bought this shirt awhile back ago here (in-store) and knew it was a perfect fit for the lifestyle. But on a serious note, it got me thinking, that these are two of a girls best friends and literally go hand in hand in the mornings together.

And I don't know about you, but I am always drinking my morning joe while I am doing my makeup, aren't you?

Let's talk lashes...

→Mascara // ($5+) Instant lashes, they wash off super simple and are the easiest lash method for anyone to apply and use on the reg.

A few I have loved are Diorshow, Better than Sex (current fave a few friends at work recommended this) and good old Loreal Voluminous that I have used on and off since high school.

I do wear contacts half of the time so it is important for me to use a mascara that does not flake off like some of them that come with the primers. So far the three above are all on regular rotation in my makeup bag.

Tip: I always choose black or blackest black because it really makes your eyes pop. If you prefer a softer look you can always wear the brown. Or if you have amazing lashes that are dark you can also wear the clear for more definition.

→False lashes // ($5+ glue) Falsies, strips, eyelashes, fake lashes, whatever your little heart desires to call them.  These are quite honestly my absolute favorite thing to wear. I typically wear mine 3-4x a week and I re-use them several times and have no problem with them holding upc.

There was a time I thought I would never be able to wear lashes, as I about scratched my eyeballs off only to find out the glue had latex in it and I was allergic to it. So, now I use a glue brand called Kiss that is latex & odor free and I have not had a single problem since.

For the lashes, I love the Ardell 101 Demi. They are shorter, wispy, and look a step up from natural to me. It does take some practice to apply them.

Tip: Grab lash strip with tweezers, apply glue and let dry for 30-45 seconds while holding, then apply. I have a flawless application this way about 98% of the time however, I accidentally dropped mine this morning whoops!

→Lash Extensions // ($100 +↑↑) lash extensions have been very appealing for quite some time now. Who wouldn't want to wake up with gorgeous already done lashes each and every morning?

I have had several close friends, my sis-in-law and numerous clients that have all done the lash extensions and have been happy with the results. However, two things that have turned me off are the upkeep/maintenance time and money. I probably will not ever get them because I cannot commit to the time of maintenance and this girl loves to shop and would rather spend my money at Nordys & Tarjay. But if its your jam, then by all means keep them up.

parlor girl add cinnamon to coffee

→Coffee // Is. Life. Am I right or what?! 

I crawl to my coffee pot, each and every morning. One little trick I do is I add cinnamon to my coffee grounds each night when I pre-set my pot. All I do is sprinkle some right on top and it brews right in with your coffee and gives it the best flavor ever. People always ask about my coffee when they have a cup. 

There are so many amazing benefits of cinnamon: contains antioxidants, is anti-inflammatory, helps lower blood sugar levels, and helps fight allergies.

Have you ever tried cinnamon in your coffee? And which eyelash product do you love best?

Thanks for reading... xxB

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  1. So...for years I have been putting a sprinkle of cinnamon and (brace yourself) a tad of HOT MUSTARD powder into my coffee grounds..,,gives it an extra kick! Give it a try ;)