Friday, July 14, 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Fall Must-Haves

What a morning yesterday, am I right?! I received numerous texts, emails and personally had my computer open at work waiting for over 90 minutes for my second order to go through the Nordstrom website! My goodness it's 2017 you'd think they could keep up lol...

I am going to confess that at first, I didn't think much of the sale from just the catalog preview. In fact I was a little bummed. But I woke up at 3:30 am yesterday (as I had 10 clients on Wed and couldn't get to the store for early shopping & also had 9 yesterday) needless to say I was eager to cruise through the sale I wanted to get you all my faves ASAP!

Then, the more I clicked away, my interest became more and more peaked and I seriously could not get things in my cart fast enough. Figures­čśé

Here are more of my top picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (early access) that are total fall must-haves!

Favorite Tops Under $25:
This is a great time to stock up on your basic layering tees and tops for fall. Loving the side slit on this one as it adds a bit of character, a striped tee is a definite closet necessity, this color is gorgeous & great for layering and I love the rounded neckline of this tee (better for larger chests as it doesn't point to the girls like a v-neck!).

Best Jeans ALL under $46:
How amazing is this??!! I do own a few of these pairs of jeans that are designer and part of the sale but I must say, all of these picks I chose, I either own or purchased yesterday and love them just as much, if not more. Expensive does not always constitute better.

This brand is so comfortable, these are the BEST high-waisted option and these ones I own 5 pairs and 3 of them I work in ALL the time! They never fade and the material is so soft and comfortable.

I did get these and am really excited to finally try a pair on.

Sweaters under $50:
Is it just me or is it really hard to buy sweaters right now?! Buuuut you must! I really love all the cardigans and you can actually wear them now with a tee/tank, shorts and booties to dinner, layered over a sundress in the evening or with your joggers to drop the kids off in the morning.

I have been needing a cream/white long cardigan and this one hit a home-run with me. I could not get it in my cart fast enough. This color grey is gorgeous as I love the detailing and check out the back on this baby-I die!

Jackets under $100:
How about that black military style jacket is to die for and the pink one with a side ruffle is super cute too! I love the 3/4 sleeve as it is perfect to layer your long sleeve tops under. You can never go wrong with a denim jacket and the long white one is so beautiful. 

I absolutely love to wear dresses during summer with peep toe booties or regular booties. Then once fall hits you can add your leggings, riding boots and or tuck the front into jeans with booties as well. Which is exactly what I would do with this one.

This is the perfect time to stock up on brands like Adidas, Nike and Zella which is an amazing brand that keeps on getting better. Their color selection and new detailing on the pants is to die for.

I just ordered these tennis shoes and I am so excited to try them out but mostly am obsessed with the color.

Fall shoes this year are AH-Mazing!! Slides are the it shoe, booties have gotten a lot more details and over the knee boots are still such a great fall staple.

I am drooling over all the handbags this year. Aren't they just the prettiest?! And these glasses are seriously a steal.

These make up brushes are a total steal, this is the perfect time to purchase this cleansing system, how cute is this organizer and I have this dryer at home and work and love it-great price!!

The coats for your littles at Nordstrom are great quality. I typically size up so it will last mine two seasons. And you simply cannot go wrong with the shoes from there as well.

Don't forget to enter the Giveaway in this post?

Have fun shopping and saving! Today should be a better day on the website for you all.

Thanks for reading... xxB


  1. I love this tote - and on sale - wowie! Unlined Front Pocket Leather Tote

  2. I love this tote - and on sale - wowie! Unlined Front Pocket Leather Tote