Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Am I plus-size?...

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I have to holler out loud laughing at even answering this question!

Buuuut I got an email the other day asking to share my sizes for clothing I wear on the blog and was asked if I would be considered plus-size?

So this got me thinking...

What is plus-size?
Definition: of a size larger than the normal range

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I am not going to lie, I was instantly pissed. But then I started thinking... I too read a lot of blogs and follow cute girls on IG. I see them always state that they are an XXS, XS, S, 25, 26, it runs large so size down, etc... And to be honest it gets old. Come on, we are not all tiny, puny, petite creatures.

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In fact, I am 5'10" that's pretty darn close to 6 feet. I am almost always around 150 pounds and a size 8 or 10 bottoms, M or L top otherwise things can turn into a crop top real fast and size 9.5-10 shoes. My boobs are off the charts because I bought them that way (go big or go home) and I have a tiny waist. So, I guess I am larger than normal size to some but what is normal?

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WTF is normal?! 
A: Normal Model size is 5'9"- 5'11" & 115-130lb according to this article (now I would look like a bag of bones covered in a skin suit at 130 and death at 115!!) and come on this is just unrealistic crap!!

A: Normal/Average Women this answer should be you and I. I don't think we need to label a size as being normal. Right??!! We are all different colors, shapes, sizes and so on. No two of us are alike and that is OK.

You need to feel good in your skin, me in mine and that's all that matters!

Most importantly-What is healthy size?
A: This is feeling amazing in your body, skin and clothes. Being happy inside and out and having a healthy soul and knowing that what you put into your body is fuel and good for it!

I don't care if you are a 0, 2, 4, 10, 16 or whatever. It's really none of my damn business or society's. All that should matter to you is if you are happy with you.

And if not? Guess what? Pull your head out and change!!

So to answer your question anonymous reader... Maybe to a size 0, I am plus, to a size 16, I am not. What I am IS happy with me and that is all that matters sweet friend. ♡

Thanks for reading... xxB

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ruffle baby doll blouse (Large) - Make Me Chic
jeans (8L) - Express
sandals- Tory Burch
Bag- Louis Vuitton