Friday, May 19, 2017

top 5 faves: felt hats to top off your look

felt hat style for spring and summer fashion

Is it me or did this week fly by?! Not complaining one bit ha! Especially since we are into some warm weather finally here in California. 

I seriously love felt hats! Maybe its the late 30 year old, taking care of my skin religiously haha.

Best part is, you can wear them all Spring and right on into Summer with a variety of outfits. Think dresses, shorts with kimonos, skinny jeans and a simple white tee, the combos are endless. 

Plus, if you are having a bad hair day or simply do not feel like the labor of washing (am I right?) top off your look with a hat. 

I rounded up 5 faves below at all different price points. I have some really inexpensive ones that I love just as much as the pricier versions. You don't have to break the bank for fun style!!

Thanks for reading... xxB

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