Tuesday, May 02, 2017

my top 2 self-tanning lotions

We are definitely approaching the season of bare limbs, shorter shorts and fun, sunny gatherings. I don't know about you but I do not have the time to bask in the sun like I used to, nor do I want to, yet I loooove to be tan.

In the past, I have always spray tanned, gotten an airbrush or applied self-tanning products myself at home. With that being said, I have tried so many products over the years and can honestly narrow it down to TWO favorite sunless tanners that are both perfect for a tropical glow.

Here are my 2 holy grail tanning lotions that will give you the best self-tan that I have used for years. I personally have never streaked (unless I, operator error skipped a spot), gotten splotchy or had anything other situation other than golden, bronzed color from both of these products.

I really want to try these wipes, I am not typically into towelettes for sunless tanner but we used this line for sunscreen, lip protection and after sun lotion while we were in Hawaii and I just have to tell you, it all smells AH-mazing.

Do you have any favorite sunless tanning products?

Thanks for reading... xxB

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