Monday, April 03, 2017

the best sunscreen for kids

Happy Monday Friends!!
the best sunscreen for babies
Danica's swimsuit

Today I am sharing a wonderful tip for all of your kiddos. I have been going to Hawaii since I was a kid (my other mother lives there) and I have tried every sunscreen and product for myself over the years (and I will share more of those later too). But today, I am sharing the BEST sunscreen for kids.

Last time we took Danica to Hawaii she was 4 months old and being a first time mama, I followed the rules strictly and did not put a lick of sunscreen or sun on her. We did however use hats and a covered body galore was all that she was allowed. Sooo, when it came to going this time, I knew I wanted to slather her up and make sure it was a sunscreen that was also good for her as well.

My friend at work who is an esthetician, referred me to this website:

they literally test and rate all of the sunscreens out there. My first choice was California Baby which has stellar ratings but I was not able to get my hands on it (actually target had it but the bottles were squeezed dry?! I guess someone stole it lol). So I chose Babyganics SPF 50 and the face stick which we also used last Summer in our pool. The face stick is amazing for littles that are wiggly!! It is fast to apply and kids also love to use it to do it themselves. Think occupy while you apply to their body ;)

My daughter wore sunscreen from the minute we got up until we finished our day. She also wore a hat and sunglasses while in the pool the entire time too. And we did have a cabana and an umbrella daily as well.

Here are my positive reasons for loving this sunscreen for kids:

Eyes ✅She never once complained about her eyes burning (which we all know sunscreen does!)

Hourly application✅the bottle says 80 mins, however I reapplied to her every hour and anytime she got out and went back in even if it was under an hour

Slight white layer✅I believe this is from the zinc and it also lets you know that you have them covered

SPF 50✅the higher the better in my opinion

Brown Biscuit✅ my daughter never burned (which all 3 of us adults did experience to some degree) and literally went home the brownest little biscuit

Took soap and wash cloth to remove✅ during bath at night I had to use her soap and a cloth to remove it.

the best sunscreen for kids
I believe in staying covered up as much as possible for our little ones and mine is obsessed with sand so that was easy to cover her at the beach...

kids healthy sunscreen
Thank goodness she loves her hats and sunglasses 💘and she wore her puddle jumper the whole time 

the best mineral based sunscreen for kids
Look how brown those little biscuit legs are!! And she is beyond obsessed with flying✈(sure doesn't get that from me haha)

What do you guys use for sunscreen for your kids?

 Thanks for reading... xxB

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