Monday, April 17, 2017

My Easter Outfit

blue floral cold shoulder top white ripped skinny jeans fringe booties parlor girl

Happy Monday...

simple easter mama outfit
grey fringe peep toe booties parlor girl

parlor girl spring style outfit

blue floral cold shoulder top parlor girl

white ripped jeans parlor girl

parlor girl family jamestown train

Happy Monday! I am simply amazed at how fast time flies. Can you believe Easter already came and went? This year was exceptionally fun. Danica was old enough to dye the eggs and hunt for them as well. It was so fun to watch and help her to all of it. I just love getting to see everything from the beginning through her eyes. 

We were at my in-laws up in Jamestown and decided spur of the moment Easter morning to take a ride on the train. It's a fun little tour attraction if you're ever in the gold country. The steam engine that pulled us had been in over 200 movies. I actually rode it as a kid but it was really cool as an adult to hear all the history again that went along with the ride. Plus, little miss was pretty entertained as well. They even had an Easter bunny and basket aboard!

My top is old (actually a dress from this post, from last year when we went to Texas) but I loved the blue floral this Spring so I could not resist wearing it. My plan was to wear this dress, but I was so rushed getting home from work late Saturday, I completely left it hanging in the cloffice lol...

I hope you all and a great Easter weekend!!

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