Tuesday, March 07, 2017

welcome liketoknow.it app + screenshot shopping

Hi friends, happy Tuesday! This is a very exciting post today as I really feel that our futuristic ways are upon us. Since I received a lot of questions yesterday regarding the new liketoknow.it app and what my thoughts were, I thought I would dedicate a post directly to it to hopefully ease you all into another world of fab when it comes to shopping, social media and answers to what we are wearing.
parlor girl like to know it app screenshot shopping

At last... shopping just got a whole lot easier and faster, for us all! Thanks to the liketoknow.it app, you can literally screenshot a liketoknow.it enabled photo and be sent the links info immediately within the app.

This can now be done with instagram, Facebook, pinterest and snapchat! Some of you may be super familiar with the liketoknow.it process that we have all already been using the last couple years and receiving emails or pics in your LTK profile, but now with the app, you no longer need to wait for the email or ltk pic to show up as it all takes place instantly. In fact, you can change your email preferences if desired. No more tons of emails to sift, weed or delete!

step1: download the liketoknow.it app from the app store here
you will then attach your instagram account to it within the app
liketoknow.it app how to shop screenshots
step 2: screenshot a liketoknow.it enabled photo (you will see the above emblem/watermark in the corner of a picture) and get ready to shop as it will appear in "my likes" within the app

*you can still "like" the pic as we did before as long as you see the triple code 
http://liketk.it/2qBo7 #liketkit @liketoknow.it > it will show in the same feed within the app with a heart, it is really cool that they can integrate all of this together

new liketoknow.it app

step 3: shop from my likes and discover which are all available right within the app & all in one place

liketoknow app parlorgirl

*you can see that I have the triple code above and the emblem/watermark in white on the bottom right of my photo

One of my favorite things is that now in the app, all of your screenshots/likes are all in one freaking place! I use to go back and scour thru emails to see which one was what and half the time I gave up lol (Hey, I am just like all of you & want to know immediately where did you get that/what brand is that?)

The app also has a Frequently Asked Questions page that is super helpful and informative if you have any questions or need troubleshooting. And as always, please feel free to reach out again if you have any further questions that I may be able to help you with or point you in the right direction. 

I absolutely love instant gratification and this liketoknow.it team really nailed it!! Excited to hear what you all think. 

Thanks for reading... xxB

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