Thursday, March 30, 2017

how to dress casual and chic

casual and chic outfit parlor girl

how to dress casual and chic parlor girl style
simple white button up blouse parlor girl
ripped jeans parlor girl
simple spring outfit parlor girl
spring style jeans and strappy heels
photos c/o ALuuphoto

Getting dressed in your basics can be some of the fastest, most simple, chic, no-brainer outfits to go to. As a mama, we are busy and our minds can be blurred and taxed many mornings of the week. 

I have a couple go-to basics that if I am in a hurry or do not have time  are my "mindless outfits" this above is one that will have you looking effortless and chic quick style. This post is another one and this one too! These all go under my momiform category and I promise you they will help you in a pinch as well. 

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