Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Bikini Body Guide Results: BBG 12 weeks has changed my body

parlor girl BBG results 12 weeks

W O W! 12 weeks of BBG!! I feel so damn proud of myself. I cannot believe I have stuck with it this entire time.

I honestly have to attribute that to how amazing and doable the entire regime is. It is what I call a lifestyle, not a fad, diet or quick fix. But most importantly, this program works friends. You just have to work it out lol. And all it takes is 30 minutes a day (give or take) and a healthy mindset.

What is BBG? 

You can read this post here for a little more back story and my first 4 weeks of progress.

BBG is Beach Body Guide, created by Kayla Itsines and her partner. It was originally an e-book and is now an app (I pay $20/mo for) that has 3 a week/28-minute HIIT style resistance workouts and you also do some cardio and stretching during the week as well. Each week, all of the exercises change up and I can honestly say I have never gotten bored. I urge you to check it out. Best part is you can do a free 7-day trial to see how you like it as well.

How much do you workout?

I am currently on week 14 and I have 3 strength training workouts (28 mins each) and 4 cardio days, a rest day and some stretching/rehabs. Honestly, I look forward to doing it each day! I also take one entire day off to rest.

Where do you work out?

At home! This is the best part!! I no longer have to drive, I can do it wearing whatever I want and you really do not need much equipment to start. I began with a mat and a few dumbbells and used chairs and steps for other exercises. They make it sure user friendly for at home. I also have little miss crawling all over me during most of the ab workouts but again, it is totally doable!!

Do you follow her diet?

I have before in the beginning, but I eat rather healthy on my own. I always have. I like a little more protein than her program and I am not as tolerable with dairy. Sometimes if I am stumped or meal bored, I look at her menu for ideas. But her eating plan in the app is super easy to follow and simple to make all the meals make. The key with food is to meal prep and have your snacks ready to grab so you do not reach for bad foods in a pinch.

I always have a bar, nuts and water on me at all times. Most days I also grab an apple and hard-boiled eggs to-go too.

Technically, I count my macros and tailor it specifically to my body. You can read more about that here as each of our bodies are unique and goals specific. I find it easier for me to count why macros Monday-Saturday. Sundays I relax and enjoy things and do not worry about the count. But again, I do not go hog wild. I also gave up soda at the end of last year and I swear I have noticed a huge difference from that as well.

 Also, if you do have a bad eating day, start over the next day with a clean slate and fresh feeling. It is OK, we all slip from time to time. But instead of beating yourself up with negative energy, take a minute, reflect and allow yourself to have enjoyed your free meal and move on.

I wanted to add, remember to drink a ton of water. It helps to keep you full, burning calories and makes your skin look ah-mazing!! Most people do not even drink half of what they need a day. Hydrate up friends!!

How do you have the time?

To be honest, with anything in life you make the time! It is called priorities. Feeling good both mentally and physically is very important to me. It makes me a better person, wife, mother and friend. For those reasons alone, it is enough to make the time. I run a household, have a 2.5 year old, 3 dogs, a 45-year old kid (kidding) 2 full-time jobs and I still manage to add in my workouts. I also am a huge believer that you do not need as much sleep as you think you do. I get up at 4am almost every single day to get shit done!! If I can do this, so can YOU!

What have you gained from BBG?

/ in my skin. I feel so good from working out daily, holding myself accountable, completing the tasks, that those things alone will have you walking a little taller and more confident!

Endurance / I used to do 4 burpees then break. I can now do them all in a row and I am so proud. I can do most exercises thru their entirety and then take a quick breath/break.

Stronger Muscles / My quads are a lot stronger now and my knee pain is practically gone (from all the running I used to do!)

Abs / Summer is creeping up friends!! The abs in this program are AH-Mazing!! I still have a spot that bothers me but I am determined to get it here in the future. Originally I thought that my tummy won't tighten or my sides will always be there. O-M-G you guys!! I swear these exercises are shrinking it all. I will find a prego pic to show you all!!

Mental Strength / I am a firm believer that when your physical strength gets stronger, so does your mental strength. Working out really helps to release the endorphins you need to feel good and strong on a daily basis. Which results in a happier person, better moods, more pleasant to be around and just all around happy as you drive. I caught myself rocking out the other day! I haven't done that in a long time...

I feel great! / I feel like I can walk into Summer, bikinis and shorts with so much confidence! I feel so happy and excited to share this journey with all of you. Life and anything in it is a process. You do not reach an end but it is the journey and process that you need to be present in and enjoy! Be kind to yourself, be loving and nurture your body.

I hope this helps to inspire you! Please feel free to reach out with any questions that you may have.
Happy fitness, friends.

Thanks for reading... xxB

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