Tuesday, March 28, 2017

4 pieces to nail festival style

4 pieces to nail festival style parlor girl

black floral print blouse parlor girl
festival outfit idea parlor girl
cute summer concert outfit idea parlor girl
vintage levi shorts
black louis vuitton backpack parlor girl
black western style booties with buckles parlor girl
black large felt hat
rose gold mirrored sunglasses black frames
black western style belt
denim cutoffs (mine are vintage) | black booties (also here) | floral blouse c/o | large hat | belt | sunglasses | backpack-Louis Vuitton

Over the years I have been to countless festivals and concerts and it only takes a few pieces to nail festival style! The key is being stylish and comfortable, while being able to have a ton of fun in the sun and dirt lol. Today I am showing you how to nail festival style with 4 key pieces. 

1. denim cutoffs // cutoff shorts are a must for festival style! As you're up and down and dancing round, they just give you the versatility you need for all day fun.

I am a vintage Levi fanatic! My sis and I have over 75 pairs combined and I love each and every one of them. We have literally worn Levi cutoffs since we were in 7th grade and would take our moms (she always had the good stuff!). Once I started driving, we prowled through thrift stores and begun our own collection. The more worn they were the better we loved them. We still have a few places we go these days...

2. booties //  booties are your best friend when it comes to all day dancing in the dirt, in and out of Johnny on the spots, spilled beer everywhere, dancing close together and avoid loosing toe nails from getting stepped on (yes I experienced that from wearing gladiator sandals once, ugg!) and you can wear a sock to avoid blisters as well!! 

These black booties are my go-to! I love how they look paired with shorts and the buckle details make them way more fun than the average plain bootie. I wear them all the time. I work standing and walking in them for 10 hours a day and know they would be oh so comfortable adding dancing as well. They also come in brown (I linked above) that is super gorg too!!

3. floral print blouse // floral print definitely nails festival style and I love this blouse as it is absolutely amazing! The fit is beyond perfect, the neck and sleeves are gathered giving it a lovely feminine detail and there is a keyhole in the back just below the neck as well. If you are going someplace warm, you could start out with this on and then tie it around your waist as the day heats up still looking super chic with a touch of floral style. 

4. large floppy hat // nothing screams festival style like a fun floppy hat! This hat is perfect and will literally last in your closet all year round as well. I swear by these in the fall...

Extras // you can always add your accessories to your liking. I like a fun belt, mirrored sunglasses, layered necklaces and a backpack works awesome for a hands free (or drink in your hand) option. 

Do you guys have any fun plans for festivals or concerts in the near future? I am getting so excited for warmer weather and cannot wait for Summer!

Thanks for reading... xxB

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