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Bikini Body Guide Results: BBG 8 weeks has changed my body

beach body guide results parlor girl
I always feel so vulnerable when I put these pictures up. Mostly because I have had an "amazing body" before and then when I see my before BBG picture, it infuriates me that I let it slip. But I too just remind myself that I am human and we cannot be perfect all the time and then I use my fired up-ness as fuel to keep on trucking and work even harder.

Looking at my pictures from 4-8 weeks, it is visually a lot less drastic then 0-4 weeks. Honestly, the last two weeks I have been ridiculously sick on and off and although I did complete all of my workouts, my eating was not great. My cardio portion was a little on the wimpier side too. I do better with intervals and walking just doesn't cut it, but when you have trouble breathing and coughing up a lung, it was all I could do to even get on the treadmill.

Physically, I have noticed my lower belly shrinking, my sides are toning up and shrinking in, my quads are building and I am seeing a bump, my shoulders are getting more defined and oddly enough my skin tone and surface is looking and feeling smoother. I usually lean from the shoulders down. Meaning my upper body gets cut first and my lower body last. All in all I am super happy with my progress and am fired up to keep going.
parlor girl BBG 8 week results
Look at this you guys! 8 weeks and I am seriously stunned and so happy I have been taking progress pictures. That is so important because in my mind, nothing has really changed. Until I put these pics together I am like WTF?! Don't mind the double sports bras... Some of you may know what I am talking about...

The positive changes I have noticed in the last 4 weeks are, I feel so much stronger. I have gone up in weights, my stamina is totally up and I can literally do all the burpees and ab exercises without stopping. All of that means the world to me. I am so excited for the changes that this has in store to come as well. Annnnd I am on week 9 this week and have not stuck to any sort of program this long and consistent (thru sickness even) without getting derailed and giving up since I competed many moons ago!!

It is funny, now at 39, what is most important is having a strong balance between body, mind and soul. It use to just be body (only caring about how I looked) and now the mind and soul play an even larger part in the mix. But ultimately, having a balance of all three is complementary and what I strive for. A strong mental game keeps you focused and determined, a strong body will execute all that is required of it and change externally and having the love and fire in your soul will help to keep them all balanced and flowing in the right direction.

You guys, BBG is life changing! I have quite a few friends doing it simultaneously and it is so fun to check in with each other, snap pics to each other and just keep motivating and inspiring one another. The entire BBG community online is so kind, loving and inspiring to one another as well. I highly encourage you all to check it out. Best part is, you can literally do it all at home!

Some of you asked questions last time...

*I use the app on my phone (mine is $20/month), I do my own program layout because of my work schedules I take wed or thurs off (you can select this in options or do their preassigned layout each week).

*I follow some of their food but I like more protein and like to see my muscle bellies full. I also have some dairy issues and try to avoid that. But if I get bored, I totally use some of the dinner recipes.

*The recipes and shopping lists are included on the phone app.

*I never do anything extra other than sometimes a family walk or two on the weekends. But really that is to get out and stretch and I feel like is a cancel for my dark chocolate or champs I love to indulge in

How are all of you doing with it? I would love to hear. You can comment here or email me. Also, if you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I will help to the best of my ability. I hope you are all having a wonderful week!!

Here are some of my favorite things I have at home for working out as well:

Thanks for reading... xxB

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