Thursday, January 19, 2017

pink + denim

pink faux fur shearling coat parlor girl

pink furry coat with all denim jeans
short sleeve denim dress as top
dusty pink faux fur jacket
grey fringe open toe booties
silver metal statement necklace parlor girl
pink winter coat style parlor girl
ripped jeans winter outfit
rose gold mirrored aviator sunglasses parlor girl
grey fringe booties open toe booties
parlor girl pink and denim style fashion blogger

There is nothing like feeling of being wrapped up tight and warm. You will surely get that with this pink beauty. I have worn this coat so many times since getting it and I swear she gets softer and softer each time I do. Maybe its just me needing to pet it?! This is definitely a fun piece to add to your wardrobe and I can surely see myself wearing it well into Spring and for years to come.

I do not own a short sleeve denim top that I was craving the other day, so I snagged this dress from my dress closet and tucked in the front. It sold out but I linked the similar one above that ironically I ordered the other day too.

Ripped jeans are so my number and I am just loving this pair with the lighter wash. Sometimes I swear I am so back and forth with denim color. I go through phases where I love to wear all the darker ones, now I am into the light. So BP with the jeans I tell ya lol. Do you guys ever feel like that or am I crazy??

To snaz all the denim up, I added my statement necklace to give that extra pop of edginess.

Thanks for reading... xxB

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