Tuesday, January 31, 2017

f i v e things to love about this week

1. grey and pink calming bedroom...

I snapped a picture of a Pottery Barn room last week (on snapchat) from a magazine and fell madly in love! So needless to say, I moved quickly to update our room. I was so over our winter/holiday bedding that I could not get this together quickly enough. I have never felt so calm and comfortable as we do in our room now. There is something so calming about grey and I absolutely love sneaking in the dusty rose accents to add a bit of feminine charm. We are both still in shock because when we ordered this duvet cover it was less than $40 we both cannot believe how soft and warm it is.  
P.S. anyone else freshly make their bed, only to have their fur babies go lay on it?! 

2. 14 days of love, hearts and all things Valentine's
My friend at work gave me the idea to do something heart-shaped from 2/1-2/14 I love that and decided to do a little more than hearts because I need more lol I am not that creative and my little does not pack lunch yet haha. Here are some others that I snagged off of pinterest
💘start each day with I love you
💘heart shaped pancakes
💘heart shaped sandwich
💘heart clothes
💘heart shaped love notes
💘arrange kids toys in a large heart for when they get home
💘xo shaped cookies
💘heart shaped cookies/treats
💘heart shape of post it love notes on the mirror
💘heart shape pizza
💘cut out paper hearts and write what you love about each other
💘put together a basket of faves for your loves
💘14 days of love calendar
💘heart stickers

3. m e d i t a t e... sitting in silence every morning before I start my day has had such a profound difference on my mood. I have not missed a day in weeks and honestly it feels really good to start the day being silent, grateful and thankful #foodforthought

4. more books for the month: 

Girl Code- I loved this! Great for any girl that is an entrepreneur, wanting to get more out of yourself and just plain how to rock your life and journey. I absolutely loved it.

Miracle Morning- literally finished this in a couple days. If you are seeking a way to structure your morning, life and get shit done, this will help you establish an amazing routine and fire you up.

Bringing Home the Dharma- this one is deep and heavy. I am always open to new ways, especially about Buddah, meditation, awakening and so forth. This one really goes deep into how monks come to be and how you should respect and learn from the elders. I am barely 2 hours in and still have quite a ways to go. I will totally give you an update when I finish.

5. current  s w i m  faves- planning a winter get-away? I know I am craving some warm, sunny weather and here are a few of my faves that will be sure to have you beach ready.

Thanks for reading... xxB

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