Monday, January 16, 2017

f i v e things to love about this week

1. blush crush...

2. 18 things mentally strong people do via Forbes. mental strength and exercise is just as important as everything else!

3. pink, grey and copper decor

one of my personal goals this year was to read one new book a month. Two weeks into the new year and I have already read 3! I usually bounce back and forth between fiction and self-help/inspiration.

My friend told me about The Miracle Morning and I am hooked. It is all about how to set up your day right from the get-go. Because having a well-established morning routine will set you on the right path for the rest of the day and will continue to build daily from there.

5. cut-out athletic leggings

happy monday! I hope you are enjoying a nice, long weekend
Thanks for reading... xxB

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