Monday, January 09, 2017

f i v e things to love about this week

1. The OA
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So obsessed, that we watched it in a couple days. As if I wasn't tired enough from New Years, binging on a new show definitely wrecked my sleep routine for a couple nights. Does anyone else binge shows out of control?! We are always like ok one more episode then get to the end of that and of course you want to do one more again!!

2. f iv e  of my current fave beauty buys at Ulta

NYX has the perfect nude combo (natural liner and spirit LS) and for the price this stuff is ah-mazing! I got the Peach Palette as a birthday gift from a sweet friend and that's all I have worn this last week. Annnd it smells so yummy... The Anastasia brow pencil has always been a fave and I am re-obsessed with the watts-up highlighter

3. lace-up sweaters

I may have arrived a little late to sporting these babies, but still loving the lace up detailing. They are perfect for wearing with athleisure, jeans or even letting fall off your shoulder with overalls.

4. one of my goals this year was to read (I do audio versions) a book a month. I prefer the audio versions because I listen in the car, while I do my cardio and if I am on a dog walk. I love audible for that and they had a special the other day of BOGO. I chose:
^^I finished Girl Code in a couple days and absolutely loved it. This is a great one for female entrepreneurs that want to have success and happiness. The writer is so easy to connect with and has a lot of great principles that are easy to apply to your everyday life. Oh and make sure to include a glass of champs too!I will probably purchase this because I would like to reference it from time to tie and even take notes in it. 
^^I am excited to start Bringing Home the Dharma this week.  

5. RX BARS - Maple Sea Salt
These are like protein bar heaven! I also love the Chocolate Sea Salt too! I think I am going to figure out how to make these myself at home.

Wishing you all an amazing week!!

Thanks for reading... xxB

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