Tuesday, January 03, 2017

budget friendly workout clothes and goal planning

2017 planning goals being successful change your life and routine

Isn't that the truth!

When it comes to the New Year and resolutions, well I have to say that I love being a planner, but over the years I have really outlined my goals and resolutions to be more realistic and attainable. However, if you are doing the same things you always have been, well all I can say is your results will be the same.

I have found that there is nothing worse than setting out strong at the beginning of the year only to fizzle as time goes on. But hey, we are all human and I too have experienced the same thing. That is why I love to set goals in three different categories. I have found this to help me stay on track and be more successful at what I do.

1. mini goals or short term accomplishments are those that are more on the simple and quick side.

Like lose 5 pounds, do 100 crunches a day for 30 days, drink more water, stop cussing (made that choice today!), smile at every person that passes by, compliment one female a day (we need more support amongst our sisters), sugar-free Monday-Friday, healthier food choices and so on.

2. annual/yearly goals these are the ones that take a little longer to brew.

How much do I want to earn this year, planning and strategizing my content for the blog, how can I inspire and encourage others, planning trips, run a marathon or 1/2 marathon (already did that one 3x) you see, things that take a little more thought, time and planning.

3. lifetime or 5 year goals these are my big babies. The ones that are on my vision board and the ones that scare the crap out of me and the ones I have no idea how I am going to get there but just sit back and faith because they will work out and come to fruition. Because if you can dream it, it can happen.

I think it is so important to write down your goals and see them. It helps to keep you driven and on track. I love to check things off when I complete them too.

I challenge all of you to make vision/dream boards. I save old magazines and cut out everything from words to beautiful pictures. Anything that catches my eye, heart and soul that I want in my life. I glue them to a white board I get from the dollar store and hang on the back of my office door.

Now, fitness goals are huge at the beginning of the year. I love anything that motivates me with fitness and that means clothes! Here are some of my absolute faves for fitness attire that all work well within a budget. I now own 6 pairs of the leggings below and could not be more thrilled. I would say to size down as they do run a little on the big side.

I did include shoes. These are normal price and you really don't want to scrimp on tennis because I feel they are so important to your body. How cute is the ruffle vest?! I'm dying over it.

Happy New Year & Happy Fitness!

I would love to hear some of your goals...

Thanks for reading... xxB
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