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Bikini Body Guide Results: BBG 4 weeks has changed my body

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Wow, wow, wow. I am SO glad I took a before picture is all I can say. 

Most people look at me and judge immediately. You know what, that is OK! We all have our 'spots' love handles, the plus 5, the lets tan and lose 5. But honestly since I stopped breast feeding (when I could eat everything and not gain an ounce) I noticed my body changing. And not for the better.

I consistently started BBG on December 12th (I love that the weeks turn on a Monday, I always start on a Monday #meanttobe) and literally did not check, a single thing that went into my mouth because I wanted to enjoy the holidays, until January 2nd. Wow, again! I thought. lets get the workouts in and we can rope in the eating come the New Year.

Some are asking how much did I lose? Well I am almost always around 150 (sweet spot) and right now I am 154. I have never been a big weigher, because I can instantly tell how my body is changing by the way I fit in my clothes so that is how I like to judge my progress. But I will weigh from time to time to give those an idea. But again, I am not one that has ever been hung up on the scale. In fact I had to look for batteries because ours died lol.

Lets take a stroll through history... I have always been a gym rat as I started going to the gym at 19 and I was instantly obsessed. When you lift (heavier) you see results and I liked that. In my twenties I competed in figure multiple times and actually won first place in my very first competition of stepping on stage. It was at that point I learned what manipulating your diet could really do to your body/look. I also learned I am carb sensitive and respond to fats better. Meaning my muscle bellies look healthier and more full when I eat salmon, avocado, nut butters and higher fats. Boy is that true.

The body is an amazing thing. After my last competition (16 weeks of strict dieting) I was like oh screw this ease back into eating mainstream, well I binged and found myself on all fours at work thinking I was dying. My stomach hurt so bad that I had to rush to the ER. Well long story short, I was diagnosed with severe gas and bloating. Bwahahaahah. What?! Go home and fart?! LOL.

After that, I knew those competitions were not a healthy way of life and I craved more balance. I pretty much have always eaten healthy since but I craved a different way of working out. I was bored. I tried barre, zumba (not a dancer-whitegirl), pilates, cross-fit, kickboxing, HIIT classes, boot camps, back to the gym, take a year off and run half-marathons (worst idea ever), home videos, yoga. You name it, I have tried it. Still nothing hooked me. I also like instant gratification. I like to see results and progress or I am done.

I craved being fit and in shape, but not buff looking anymore and I am definitely the type of person that loves to run around in a bikini. But lets be honest, after having a baby your body does change a little and that's not to say it cannot come back because it can. I am a believer.

A friend told me about BBG and how people she knew were having incredible results.
What is BBG? Who is Kayla and what is this sweat with Kayla app everyone is talking about? BBG stands for Bikini Body Training Guide created by Kayla Itsines and her partner in 2014, originally as an e-book and has since moved into its own app called Sweat with Kayla.

The workouts are amazingly hard, 30 minutes a day and there is a meal plan and shopping list included. You can get a free 7 day trial to do it for a week for free and see how you like it. The workouts can all be done at home. I have some equipment but have also used the stairs in lieu of a bench. There are always ways to do things if you want to do it. The best part is the BBG community. There are hundreds of thousands moms, wives, sisters, girlfriends out there waiting to connect with you, cheer you on and inspire you with their own incredible journeys.

The food is simple, easy to make. I pretty much already have my food down and track it on my macros app (cuz I'm a nerd and obsessed like that). But occasionally, when I am bored, I refer to her meal plan to stimulate my eating process.

Currently, I am 39 years old, 5'10" and am making this 39th year the best year of my life so far (besides 2014-when D chose me to be her mama) ok so 2nd best! Haha. I am not getting paid or sponsored to refer you. I am just beyond obsessed with my results and wanted to share and encourage you all. The results are real, life-changing and happen at home.

You guys, make this an amazing year, be kind and loving to you! I urge you all to be the best, healthiest versions of you. Let's all stay on the healthy track and that does not mean being in perfect shape because we all have different bodies/goals but be the very best version of YOU!!

Kayla just started a 12 week challenge this week and will be doing it right alongside of you! Please feel free to tag me with your progress pics at #pgBBG

Also I wanted to add that we are all so lucky to have this incredible journey of life. Remember, it is all about the journey and process, not the destination. So my point is to enjoy the entire process all along the way!

Have a healthy day!!

Thanks for reading... xxB

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