Tuesday, December 13, 2016

our christmas traditions

parlor girl family christmas pajamas

daddy daughter holiday jammies
rose gold copper and gold christmas tree parlor girl
copper christmas tree ornaments
red and white pajamas mommy daughter parlor girl
kiss santa daddy
cute holiday family pics inside
parlor girl christmas family pictures
toddler christmas pictures
^^always up to something (playing with my decorative bulbs on the coffee table lol)

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Its the most wonderful time of the year! And I just love my little family so much. Danica is getting to such a fun stage (and difficult, not going to lie) but she is really engaged and sponging up everything.

So this happened over the weekend...
#1 my hubs NEVER and I repeat NEVER wears pajamas. His parents buy them for him every year at Christmas and he literally never wears them. And no he doest sleep in the buck, he has sleeping shorts (lol-basketball shorts). A week ago he said, can you find me some pajamas and then I can be in a pic with you two. You better believe I ran to the mall...

#2 he is always behind the camera and never really likes to be in pics. I mean, there is only room for one in the center of the stage am I right?! Kidding.

#3 Danica hates us kissing or hugging or being close. She is so funny and possessive of me that she is like "no daddy, my mama!" So we blasted Christmas music, I made an enormous amount of buttery, sugar sweets, while we rocked our bright pajamas and gosh I wish mine came with a tutu ;)

I love holiday traditions. I always have and when I became a mama it was no surprise that they would come into full effect. Making Christmas sugar goodies is definitely at the top of the list. This year I branched out and made 2 new sweets and they came out amazing!! So amazing, I need to hurry and deliver them otherwise I better just start taping them onto my love handles. I grew up in the country, so cutting down our own tree was a big deal and also making those rings that you tore off, read and did an activity during the 12 days was another. Our baby is still too young for that or Elf on the Shelf but I am sure next year will start a whole new plethora of traditions to add.

Here is a quick glance at some of our favorite holiday traditions to do.

1. holiday jammies for the family (I might be guilty of more than one pair per person!)
2. make fudge/Christmas sweets)
2. drive around and look at lights
3. christmas movies (lots and lots)
4. only Christmas music is allowed in the car
5. help a needy family
6. hot cocoa and marshmallows

What are some of yours?

Thanks for reading... xxB

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