Monday, December 19, 2016

holidays at home: 3 christmas treats & twinning with my mini

holidays at home cookie making and twinning with the mini

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Christmas Crack:
christmas cracker toffee super easy to make

2 Ingredient Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark:
dark chocolate peppermint bark very easy and fast

Gingerbread Cookies:
soft and chewy gingerbread molasses cookies

There is nothing I love more than to blast Christmas music, dress in Christmas gear and make my home smell like a sweet and cookie factory. I just bought this and am obsessed and I promise you will love her too. She makes Christmas music anyway you like it and also answers every single question you could think of. I have always wanted an assistant and she is the perfect start. 

I made the Christmas crack and let me tell you, it is just that. You will not be able to stop nibbling on it and it is probably one of the most simple and yummy holiday treats I have ever made. I also got rave reviews on the dark bark (which that was probably the easiest/fastest thing I have ever made) and I will be making these gingerbread cookies this week. I think I will also try these Eggnog Cookies as well. Can you tell I am on a sweet craze!!

green hunter boots and kids red hunter boots parlor girl
^^mama, no help I do it (she likes to do e/t by herself lol)
holidays at home mama and daughter style hunter boots
old navy holiday style parlor girl
parlor girl two loves baby and daddy
kids hunter boot style red hunter rain boots parlor girl
^^my big helper
simple christmas decor parlor girl home
parlor girl green hunter boots style

holiday decor for wall cow skull taxidermy parlor girl
^^everyone deserves to get a little fancy around the home
copper dining room style parlor girl
parlor girl kids old navy style red hunter boots rain boots
my babies dogs and kids love at home parlor girl twinning with my mini
grey deer top(gift) similar | light ripped jeans (all sizes in stock) | green hunters 
D: grey top | light denim | red hunters

Christmas has seriously changed since we had another baby. I cannot tell you how magical it truly is to see it all through fresh eyes. She has no idea or cares about Santa yet (wanted nothing to do with him at the mall) and so we did not start Elf on the Shelf either this year-next year. However, every time we get in the car, she's all Chrimaas Moosic Mama (I just love her!!). She is so my child!

P.S. Lubbie (love) goes everywhere and does everything with us. Do any of you have a child like that? lol

We made some amazing Christmas treats recently. I promise you the Christmas Crack is to die for and if there is one thing you try this season, make it that. It is super easy to make and everyone will rave about it.

I love Hunter boots and so does little miss. This is her second pair and I can honestly say we got some great use out of the first pair before she grew out of them and then passed them on in great pre-loved condition!! I love how versatile and comfortable they are to walk in too. We literally wear them year round; I love to wear them to do everything from pick spring flowers, with shorts, garden in them, in the snow and mountain trips (with a thicker sock) and dressed up. SO many options and they are well worth the money. I also wear mine to do yard work and this time of year they can get really muddy. Guess what?! All you do is hose them off and back to new lol. 

What is your favorite way to wear your Hunter rain boots? Do you have any special holiday treat recipes you make each year?

Happy Christmas week friends (((hugs)))

Thanks for reading... xxB

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