Thursday, December 29, 2016

3 easy champagne cocktails for new years eve

rainbow sherbet champagne float
champagne sherbet floats for NYE
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I think I may lick my screen right this minute. How scrumptious do these beauties look and I bet they taste even better! I am a total sucker for rainbow sherbet and champs but why have I never thought to combine the two?!

a scoop or two of rainbow sherbet
fill with chilled pink champagne (or your fave)
_ _ _

rose gold rock candy champs
rock candy sugar for champagne NYE
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These are so beautiful and did I mention R O S E  G O L D!! #winning
I am beyond obsessed and what a simple, yet beautiful sparkling beverage for NYE

place a rock candy stick in champagne flute
pour your fave bubbly over the top
_ _ _

original champagne cocktail
original champagne cocktail champagne, sugar cube and bitters so easy
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Last but not least, the original champagne cocktail which is the easiest one around to make at home.

drop sugar cube in bottom of champagne flute
add 2 drops of bitters onto cube (I personally do not like bitters and have made this w/out)
fill with your fave bubbly and sip
_ _ _

Any fun plans for NYE? Whatever you do, please be safe and have a blast!!

Thanks for reading... xxB

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