Thursday, November 10, 2016

pajama blouse + trench coat

black and white piped pajama blouse parlor girl

black and white pajama top style parlor girl
how to wear pajama blouse tops
ripped skinny jeans winter fashion parlor girl
black trench coat style parlor girl
black lace up heels parlor girl
black trench coat style
cute black winter fashion with ripped jeans chic outfit parlor girl

It is not that often I wear a lot of black to post on here. Primarily, because I wear all black during my day job and I prefer to wear colors, denim and white when I am off. 

However, I wore this outfit a couple weekends ago out to dinner and I love the effortless, chic look of it all. Pajama blouses are totally in right now and this blouse is amazing because of the piped detail and comfort. How fun and comfy is it to wear your pjs? Right!

My dad laughed at these heels and said they look complicated to wear (I promise they are not and have a zipper in the back!) But having the laces up the front really make them a breeze for walking around because they really hold your foot in place. 

Trench coats, aww my current cold weather loves! I have had this black trench coat for years. I linked the same brand in the similar one above because they obviously do not make the same exact one but all these options are super close. A trench is a timeless staple to have in your closet. I love how this one has a detachable hood and is 33% of right now and this longer maxi trench is gorgeous too. 

Can you believe Thanksgiving is in two weeks?!

Thanks for reading... xxB

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