Friday, November 18, 2016

3 thanksgiving outfit ideas

thanksgiving holiday outfit inspiration ideas

casual: hat | knit sweater | stretch skinny jeans | knit scarf | bracelet | booties | light pink lipstick

comfy: knit turtleneck sweater | pleated skirt | velvet booties | tassel earrings | matte lipstick

chic: pajama pantsuit (separates-top/bottoms) | pumps | choker | lipstick

It is probably not a surprise that I have always loved to plan my outfits. In middle school, I use to write them on my calendar to pre-plan and keep track of what I wore. Today, I am sharing three outfit ideas that I absolutely love for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Let's be honest, Thanksgiving is all about eating and more eating so making sure you're wearing something that is comfortable, cute and still looks good is key. In our family, we have been lucky to experience the Thanksgiving holiday in many different settings over the years. From family gatherings in the mountains in a very casual environment, to going snowboarding for the day, going out to a fancy dinner and to hosting in our own home many times. I always try to dress according to where the event is and yet making sure the clothes are completely comfortable for overindulging.

I am getting so excited for our Thanksgiving holiday. You can see where and what we are doing by following along on snapchat: theparlorgirl this year is something we have never done and next week cannot come fast enough!

What are your holiday plans??

Thanks for reading... xxB

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